Sunday, October 15, 2006


Wow, I didn't think my list of things to do would take up so much room, oh well, too bad it's done now. I have been compiling it for over 2 weeks, it's not that easy to think of realistic things to do!
Today has been spent working on this blog mostly, I am not that computer literate, but have managed to get most things on that I wanted. Hope it looks ok?
It's been a shitty day outside, cold and windy, so the kids have been stuck inside, driving me nuts. Brought our puppy inside several times, so add her to the mix and you have chaos. Izzy is a golden retriever, 13 weeks old and adorable. We start dog obedience at the end of the month, hope it goes well.
On the "diet" front, I have been very good..... not counting points......but have been good. Lots of coleslaw and skinny mayo. No exercise today tho, sat on me arse all day! Never mind, tomorrow is gym day again. I go to the gym 4 days a week, doing mostly cardio to try and burn off the fat. I was doing lots of weights and going 7 days a week, but have stopped that now as I was building muscle.... not a look I wanted. oh yeah, and muscle weighs more than fat eh?
This week I am also going to start going to an Aqua Kickboxing class... sounds like fun! May even get my hubby to come along too... he's on a "get healthy kick" as well, he has lost around 12 kilos over the past few months....... I must have FOUND THEM!!! Yep, it's his fault (gotta blame someone). lol till next time....


  1. Hi Chris - I've never seen you blog before, but have read about your great loss. Bummer to put some back on but I think that's the way it goes - just not putting it all back on is the trick I think. Yes, that photo is Simpsons Beach in Whitianga, well spotted. I see your Mum now lives in Coffs Harbour (read your wish list). We went there a couple of years ago for a short time and its lovely.

  2. haha.. now I know why I have never seen your blog before.. its BRAND NEW!! Welcome and good luck!

  3. Hi Chris,
    Welcome to blog world!
    I also started my own blog a few months ago (6 now I think) and I think it really helps with weightloss.
    I got your link through Janene's blog, I only met Janene a couple of weeks ago but have 'known' her for a couple of years now.

    I hope everything goes well :)

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