Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Awesome Day

Here is a picture of my puppy..... she's beautiful!

I have had an awesome day! Started by taking Izzy our puppy for a walk, dropped Brylee and Griffin off at school and kindy;, then went for a walk with my gym buddy, we walked for 45 minutes, then I had a sauna at the gym.

Then home where I was a good girl and had salad and mushrooms for lunch, yummy.

My nephew came around after lunch and waterblasted the eaves under the second story of our house... something that has been screaming out to be done for at least 2 years!!!! I have two strapping great teenage sons at home, but try getting them to do anything!

I cooked dinner for the family, left it in the oven and my husband and I went to Aqua Kickboxing at the Lido... which is where my gym is too..... and it was really neat! I shall definitely be going again.
So, today I have done 11242 steps and eaten NOTHING BAD! This is really working..... lately I have been raiding the pantry out of boredom, eating heaps of rubbish! But I havn't since Saturday, so I must be on track finally. My weight watcher leader will be so happy with me!
So, that's me for today... time to watch a little telly and unwind.
Till later.....


  1. Sounds like you are really pumped!!

    You sound very busy, I don't know how you fit everything in?

    Your puppy is just adorable.

  2. I am not that busy, believe it or not! In fact, how do you think I have managed to get overweight again? I sit on me bum too much! ha ha ha I am busy in the mornings and again mid afternoon, but usually in the evenings I do NOTHING! OH Yeah, and eat rubbish till bedtime... I am changing that tho.... wish me luck!

  3. Am I going to weight in on saturday? Ummmmm, no, I shall weigh in at home. I am too embarrased to do it at weight watchers! When I get below 80 again I shall. I still go every saturday tho, then a w/w buddy and I go for a "skinny Latte" together. It's my saturday morning routine, and I ain't gunna give it up. Want to join us??? Terrace End coffee shop, 10.15 am sat.


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