Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You know what? This is fun! I went to the gym this morning (as per usual).... just love going. I think it's because of the social contact as well as the exercise... if I didn't go I'd be at home virtually all day on my own (not counting Griffin after kindy). So as a consequence, I LOVE IT. I have a treadmill and exercycle at home.... but it's so much nicer to be around other people and have the odd conversation while exercising. My hubby uses our equipment at home, so it's not just gathering dust in a corner, let me assure you!

Janene, glad to hear you are pumped up and motivated again, just LEAVE THE CHIPS ALONE! I shall be on your case if I find out you have eaten them.

I have found a photo of my hubby and me taken last week in Auckland to post, it shows how I've grown a bit, and how he's shrunk....... he's my hunk. The poor bugger has an operation next week for a hernia, and will be home for 3 weeks recovering.... f--k I hope he doesn't drive me crazy! He threatened to buy a bell to summon me when he needed something, told him where he could put the bloody thing!

Ok, am going to have a go at putting the photo on... if it works, you'll see it.

Till later...

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