Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday


..... went to Weight Watchers this morning, really enjoy going just to say Hi to everyone... we are getting heaps of new members lately and it's nice to say hi to new people. Then it was on to morning tea... a skinny Latte with my w/w buddy, also named Chris. Our W/W Leader (Sandra) came too, so that was cool.

Home, then back into town for our usual saturday lunch in town with Brylee and Griffin, I was not good...... Hey it's my birthday! Had a chicken open sandwich type thingee, and WEDGES..... bad bad bad.

Then I got home and found my nasty useless teenagers baking me a chocolate cake.... awwwww !!!! That is sooooooo nice, and they had bought me a couple of "scratchies" and I won $7 on one.... yaa.

Might not be going to Castlepoint afterall, the weather is turning to shit. There is always another weekend eh?

Got a phone call from my Mum, she's in Coffs Harbour, Aussy. It's raining there too, so I don't feel so hard done by. It almost always rains over Labour weekend so I'm used to it. Anyway, it's not the weather that makes a birthday nice, it's the people you spend it with..... and ok, I bitch about my teenagers often, but I LOVE THEM! Mike (almost 17) even offered to get me some hot chips for afternoon tea..... hmmmmmm what chance do I have to lose weight this weekend eh? I didn't have any chips! But I will have to try the cake, it's not every day your kids bake you a cake!

I did weigh this morning (at home)...... stayed the same...... boo hoo. Next week I shall have to work extra hard to counter what I have eaten and am going to eat, today.

Oh My God, the cake was so YUM! Not dry, and with PINK icing , so pretty! They did so well, we all had cake for dinner....... nothing else, just cake!$#@!!!!

Well, that's me for the day, am going to try to get on my treadmill and exercylce later, after the cake's gone down, ha ha.
till later.....

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