Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today: I did 1 hr and 20 mins cardio, took 12591 steps (that's good!) and am now off to have a sauna.....
Food was great too, friggin coleslaw and mushrooms for lunch, meatloaf and veges for dinner. I drink DIET COKE.... nothing else! Water is yuk yuk yuk! I have tried it in a million different ways, and it still sucks.
I was told in order to lose weight one had to drink AT LEAST 6 glasses of water a day.... I lost 61 kilos and didn't drink a drop.... hmmmmmm ! Go figure that one.
till later he he he


  1. Love the photo of you and hubby, you both look fab!

    I have had to force myself over the years to drink my water but I still only manage 1-2 litres a day.

    How was the sauna?

  2. Hi Chris!! Good to see you on line! Good luck with getting back down to goal.

    I went to the aqua kick boxing and love it but having calf muscle aches at the moment so haven't been for a couple of weeks. Will do it again though!


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