Monday, October 23, 2006

No# 56 DONE

Here is a picture of the roof loft area, before it was tidied up! And I take no credit for the state it was in! Most people in this house just chuck things in there, and it's called outta sight, outta mind. Too bad if you want to find something.

And HERE is the same area after it was tidied up tonight! And I can take no credit for this either! My son Steve did it for me..... Yaa hoo. Now I can find things, and I have more room for "stuff" that isn't needed right now.

Poor Izzy, Stew took her for a walk in the rain this evening.... she looks like a drowned rat.... come to think of it, so did He!

Today.... has been slow, what can you do when it's pouring with rain non-stop? I have eaten too much again, shit shit shit. Stew and I had to do the grocery shopping, and as per usual it was well over $600 for the fortnight's food and necessities. The most we have spent is around $720, so when it's under that we breathe a *sigh* of relief.
Tomorrow the mail comes again, and we are hoping like hell there isn't a letter from the hospital saying Stew's operation is being postponed again! Last time we got 3 days notice of it being put off, and Stew was not pleased..... he has to rearrange his whole shedule/appointments etc for a whole month to have this op', so here's hoping it doesn't happen again. Fingers crossed......
Ok, am definitely going on my exercycle now..... till later.....

Just did 32 minutes on exercycle, 10.3 kms..... pity the pedometer doesn't work while I'm cycling, that would make an impressive total, and we already know pedometers don't record UNDERWATER STEPS either ! ha ha ha Only did about 5600 steps today.


  1. Does sound as if you had a great birthday:) LOL the pedometer having a swim. May try the Sat morning WW - I need to get back in to it!!

  2. That would be neat Anne, hope to see you there then.


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