Saturday, October 28, 2006

What Havn't I Painted?!

Okydokey... went to Weight Watchers this morning...... it was all about "Drinking Water".... only trouble is I don't drink ANY! Interesting discussion tho. I only drink Diet Coke, around 2.5 - 3 litres a day....DREADFUL I know, but I'm addicted. I have managed to lose my weight only drinking Diet Coke, so can' t relate to the saying "you will only lose weight if you drink your water".
Am being encouraged by my W/W Leader (Sandra) to try some carbonated flavoured water, so am committed to giving it a go for 2 weeks....... while still drinking my Diet Coke, only NOT SO MUCH. If I stop drinking it I get a MAJOR HEADACHE, stands to reason eh?

Got home around 11.25 am and have been painting the kitchen cupboards ever since..... pure white.. what a shitty job. But I am sure the results will be lovely.... hey it's a great way to spring clean the kitchen, just paint everything.... ha ha ha

On the family front, Stew was "Mum" all day, took the kids out for lunch and a play in the park, Steve and Lisa are out at her family's for dinner, and Mike is glued to his computer, as per usual. I swear to God he would sleep with it if he could!

I have been very good on the food front, had a couple of yummy Chocolate/Mint Weight Watcher Bars while painting, and have just had corned beef and coleslaw for dinner.... so yum too. I drunk a whole bottle of H2Go Sparkling Water as well, so on the right track.

Pedometers don't chock up the numbers when you are painting, even tho you are on your feet for hours and hours, you ain't going anywhere but between the paint pot and the wall..... so dismal numbers for the last few days! Yesterday was only 7960 steps, today so far (6pm) it's only at 2703, but I am going to take Izzy for a walk later on, so that should add a few thousand.

Ok, I'm outta here, things to do, places to go, cupboards to paint (2nd coat), oh yeah.
Till later....EXHAUSTED UPDATE.... TOOK THE PUP FOR HER WALK.... AND DID 2ND COAT ON KITCHEN CUPBOARDS ... HAVE JUST FINISHED AND IT'S 10.45 pm. And I thought I'd get to do the ensuite too today, yeah right! I might just have a "day off" tomorrow and do nothing, I mean NO PAINTING ! My fingers are soooo dry from the paint and constant washing etc. Am now going to have a shower and go to bed. nite nite.
Pedometer: 7884 STEPS.

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