Monday, October 30, 2006

Countdown to operation!

OK, three more sleeps till Stew has his operation...... and if the buggers don't do it on Thursday morning, the staff at Public Trust have their own "Theatre" ready for him....with all the necessary equipment lined up and ready... haa haaa ha (even a nappy for him) I just don't know who the surgeon will be????
Today, started the usual way, kids to school/kindy, dog for walk, off to gym for my hour of cardio followed by a sauna. Then picked up the Dude (Griffin) and went into town to do a few jobs, and a quiet afternoon at home.
NO painting so far today! Maybe later........
I have drunk 1 litre of flavoured water today, and 1 litre of diet coke, so I think I am doing very well.
Am now off to take Izzy for a walk, will post my steps for the day steps today 10448, not counting the couple of hundred I will do around the house till bedtime. I ain't gunna do any painting tonight, just don't feel like it! Am going to watch ER, and chill out. nite nite


  1. Hi Chris, Just caught up on your blog. You sound like wonder woman with all the painting you have done. I LOVE having projects to do around the house. At the moment I am waiting for a quote for the new bathroom (at the bach) My older brother is a builder so I am able to get things at trade price and save $$. If its not too expensive I may look at doing a few extras in the main part of house as well. Very exciting to see things changing and being able to feel good about what you have done. I cracked up at the pic of the operating room. Very funny, but also know how frustrating it is when hospitals reschedule. (had it happen myself, and ended up spending un-necessary time in hospital waitingggggg) Hope it all goes ahead this time. ciao for now

  2. Well done on your water intake, you are doing great... keep up the good work!

    And about blimen time you had a break from all that painting... surely it must show on the scales this week??

    My fingers are crossed that Stew's op goes ahead, the B Plan looks a bit unsterile hehehe

  3. I hope the op goes ahead ok on Thursday! At least his work amtes have a sense of humour:)


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