Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have finished another item on the list, yaa hoo! The kitchen looks fantastic, even Stew thinks so. I took the "roller door" off the wall cupboard, it was driving me nuts, but now it's permanently open till I make some doors for it. So it's all good.

I got a sleep in today, Stew was a darling and got up to Brylee and Griffin for me (it was his turn for a sleep in). That was really nice cos I was so tired last night after painting for so long. I'm like that, once I start something I just gotta finish it, never mind how late it gets.

An curled up in my lazyboy thinking about doing something, don't quite know what yet! Will tell you later...
Stew and I had lunch at the Ashurst Domain, just because we could! NO KIDS, left them at home with the teenagers, it was soooo lovely.
Then when we got home I decided I just couldn't leave it alone, and put the first coat of paint on our ensuite...... when I post the b4 and after photos you will see why it needed to be done! After that I needed a shower, so used the little kids bathroom ..... and it felt really weird being in a different shower..... I couldn't figure out why it felt soooo weird .... until I realised I was washing my BRA !!! ha ha ha... I hadn't taken the darn thing off, what a blonde !
So that's me done for the day, will probably get on the treadmill and exercyle a bit later on tonight, followed by a sauna. No idea how many steps I've done so far today, .... till later.....


  1. Great to catch up with you yesterday too! You really have been a busy lady.

    Good on you giving the water a shot:)

  2. That's just hilarious!

  3. What? You mean you have never done it Sue??? Surely I ain't the only twit out there, ha ha

  4. Funny - I did it the same once but quickly realised:) Don't you feel silly!


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