Friday, October 27, 2006

Hmmmm, what shall I paint today?

Kitchen Before Painting started, finished results tomorrow......

Hmmm, what shall I paint today???? Thought about doing the upstairs hallways, but then while I was in the kitchen I thought.. I'll do the kitchen!

Because I have so much of the cream paint, that is what I used, the kitchen is a light yellowy colour right now. I started at 9am and painted non-stop till 4pm this afternoon! Luckily Steve and Lisa are home at the moment, so they picked up the kids for me. To say I am a bit tired is an understatement, but the end result is great! I shall probably do the cupboard doors tomorrow while Stew can watch the kids for me.

In case anyone is wondering, Stew WOULD help me, but I like to start a job and finish it, by myself! That way, if I stuff up, it's my fault and I can't yell at anyone else, ha ha

Food today has been rice crackers and diet coke! I got on the scales this morning and nearly died, showed a 2KG GAIN!!!! That will serve me right for having a birthday! I am retaining water too, almost THAT time of the month....... once that arrives I should drop those kilos immediately. Oh the joys of being female eh?
It's nearly time for dinner, so I better get off my bum and go cook it. Hopefully tonight I will get some exercise, it will depend on how I feel later on, might take Izzy for a walk. Griffin has been grizzling something rotten for the last 30 minutes for his dinner, so am outta here. Till later.....
This is funny... Stew got to work today to be informed by the staff that they were having a meeting, so he followed them into the Meeting Room and found that they had set it up like an operating theatre, and were going to perform his operation , cos the hospital wouldn't.... haa haa too funny. They had put a green cloth on the Board Table, had implements, bandages, operation notes etc etc. He was touched, really! Luckily for us they didn't quite know how to use the hacksaw, eggbeater (?), piece of 4 by 2 to knock him out etc . !#@!

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