Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Freezing again

Well it's freezing again.... blowing a gale..... don't know why the snowball tree bothers getting flowers, they get blown off within a week EVERY year!! I hate being cold.

Took kids to school/kindy in the car today, took Izzy along for the ride, she loved it. Then it was off to the gym.

It was "Grandparents" day at kindy today, and as I am Griffin's Mum and Grandma, usually I would go, but as I had a commitment with a gym buddy, Steve (teenage son) and his fiance Lisa went as his "special" guests instead... oh how nice! I suppose they do have some good points eh? They even bought him lunch at McDonalds too, tho I didn't need the ice-cream sundae they brought home for me! (I ate it anyway) DOH. They are greasy pork sausages me thinks......try to butter me up all the time they do.

Haven't done much else today, went to a meeting at school in regards to Brylee's learning. She is doing well, has had a wobbly start and has needed some extra help but she is coming along now.

Griffin starts in a month or so, I am counting down the days!

We have a long weekend coming up, and if it's fine we plan on going over to Castlepoint on the east coast, so i can walk up to the lighthouse again, only this time I shan't be falling down on the ground gasping for breath like last time!!!! I am so proud of myself and how far I have come in the last 3 years...... I used to find walking to my letterbox an effort (REALLY!), and I couldn't bend down and get something off the floor.... now I can with ease. Life is so good now. Losing the weight is like gaining a whole new life, take it from someone who knows! I have a favourite saying and it goes like this:

Nothing tastes as good and being slim feels..... and it is sooo true.

Let me clarify "slim", when you have been a size 28, going down to a size 14 is SLIM, maybe it isn't to a chick who's a size 10, but to all you bigger girls out there, 14 is SLIM eh? !! hee hee

I just been to Aqua KickBoxing again, another good workout.... so much fun in the water with a bunch of other ladies .... only thing is.... my pedometer did not enjoy it, in fact it DIED !!! BUGGER BUGGER. So all you people out there, don't take your pedometer swimming, THEY DON'T LIKE IT. lol

Now that's about all from me for today, time to watch some telly and unwind. Till later....


  1. Just sent you an email as you are heading over the same place as us this weekend!

    I loved the aqua kick boxing too and aiming to go back next week! And you are right 14 is slim!!

  2. DOH!! re the pedometer! I guess like most electronic stuff, they don't do so well in the water hehe

    Hmmm ice cream sundae? you should have just biffed it out or given it back to them - yeah like I would have NOT! :) never mind, one hiccup during the week is pretty damn good!


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