Friday, October 20, 2006

Aww ain't they cute?

Aww, ain't they cute? This picture was taken 2 weeks ago in Parana Park in Hamilton. My husband spent an awful lot of his childhood in this park, his Dad was Deputy Director of Parks and Reserves, so they lived in the park! How cool is that? So it's a special place, and our littlies looked so cute. Just love em.

We have had a lovely day today, Stew took the day off as the kids had no school/kindy either. AND it was fine and warm again, stupid weather. We went bill paying this morning, and I tried to find a couple of 3/4 length track pants for the gym, but Ezibuy only had 1 pair !!!!! Farmers' ones were yuk, almost down to my ankles and the waist was too high. So didn't get any. Stew was going to get me some for my birthday, which is tomorrow.... yee gods, I am really getting on..... (48 tomorrow), should I cry now?

What else, oh yeah, spent some time getting links onto my blog to other ladies I read regularly, so visit them! They are all lovely.

Then after lunch we took Brylee and Griffin to the movies, watched Garfield 2.... it was OK, but not that fantastic. Nice for the kids I suppose, tho I think they enjoyed the popcorn and lollies much more than the movie really!

Stew is now cooking dinner, meatballs and noodles.... what a honey. I shall not be having any.... want to get on the treadmill and exercycle as I didn't get to the gym this morning.
Lastly, my pedometer is still DEAD, shall have to give it a decent burial........ in the bin. SAD SAD SAD....
Till later........


  1. Well well well, you are abuzy little vegemtite. Poor Nephew having to come and tthe clean up, lazy bloodt shits your teenage boys. So which nephew did help you in the end.

  2. shit me typings gone to the dogs. Sorry bout that. Baaaaaaaaaaad spelling, fingers on the wrong keys.


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