Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So, I have been procrastinating about painting my hallways for 18 months at least... I have managed to strip the wallpaper, sand and undercoat... now I have the paint too, I just need to actually pull my finger out and paint them! These are only the downstairs hallways, there is a huge stairwell and a couple of smaller hallways upstairs too. Wish me luck, I am going to start tonight, instead of pigging out and eating junk after dinner! This could be a good way to avoid food eh? hee hee

Left photo: Front door to lounge, Middle photo: lounge to bathroom, Right photo: Master bedroom to bathroom. I think I shall start at the front door, that way the entry looks nice first!

As for the rest of the day: Took kids to school/kindy in car (raining) then back home, picked up Izzy and took her for a walk in the rain..... our puppy walk is 2.6kms long and takes about 25 minutes, depending on how often Izzy has to sniff trees etc. Then I went to the gym for another 30 mins on the treadmill, 20 mins on the exercycle, and a 30 min sauna.

Since then I have done bugger all...(unless vacuming counts?) Am having a girlfriend over for dinner, Roast lamb and veges. I will probably get to the painting after that, and knowing me I shall not stop till it's midnight!

till later...update.... it's 11.40pm, I'm covered in paint, and the hallway from front door to lounge is done! Ya bloody hoo! And I ate nothing, only drank diet coke with ice for the last 4.5 hours. So there, I just needed to keep myself occupied! Roll on tomorrow night....

Did 10147 steps today, I'm happy with that.


  1. I agree with Janene... you have done it once hun.. you can do it again.

    Painting... I love it until I am doing it he he he I am always soooo motivated to paint and then when I start I think OMG but good on you hun... you can do it


  2. Great idea to keep yourself occupied working. You achieved a lot!! Well done:)

  3. Way to go with the first night of painting, just think if you keep going at this rate it will be finished by this time next week.....YAY!!!!!

    Your exercising sounds excellent, you always seem to be on the go.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Got your message regarding the gender confusion I had. All sorted now, I think I will stick with being a female for now.
    Hope your painting is coming along ok. My current project is getting an entire basement jibbed, painted and installing a bathroom. It gets a little daunting but be sooooo worth it in the end. (just like this optifasting I'm doing) lol

  5. Oh PS: Forgot to add, I have added you to my 'links'. I hope this is ok. If you want me to remove it please let me know. Have an awesome day.

  6. Thanks for the positive comments, good luck Lynise on your project in the basement!


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