Sunday, March 02, 2014



Last night's party was lovely.  Sandra had a blast.
I am going to edit some photos shortly and put some on here.

But first I need to wake up properly!

I had a visitor in the night.
And it wriggles something rotten!

Sandra's two grandchildren slept over.  And in the middle of the night Miss Ella decided to come into the bedroom I was sleeping in, and jump in bed with her 'Mummy'!

Clearly I wasn't going to upset her and let her know I wasn't her Mummy!  So I had a 4? year old in bed with me for most of the night... and she WRIGGLES a lot! 

Right... I will bugger off now and get dressed, drink some diet coke to wake me up and then check all the photos I took.


Much as I'd like to do captions under them all, it's difficult for me to use a laptop without a mouse so a brief run down: the birthday girl and her cake, some lovely photos of us girls... and Sandras hubby NEIL photo bombing us.  That was so funny  *smiles*.  And Miss Ella checking out the new spa pool.  Neil is building an awesome spa/outdoor entertainment area.  I can't wait to see it all finished and lovely.

Later on this morning we are going into town for lunch...

catch ya later... I forgot to say that bear is from Sandra's daughter,  she is overseas right now.  Due back in New Zealand in a month.  

 We are having Yum Cha for lunch today. How cool!

Well... lunch was very nice. Lois and her friend Judith joined us too.  And guess ehat?  I forgot to take a photo!

How remiss of me.

I am now at Anne's for the night.  My son Mike is joining us for dinner and a catch up, so that will be so nice. 

I am staying with my friend Chris Davies tomorrow night. It's lovely being able to stay a night with all of them.   *smiled*

I have to say it... 
WHERE IS EVERYONE?  I go away and me comments dry up!

END of day: Another awesome day here with my girlfriends. Mike came over for dinner with Anne and I... Anne bbq'd steak for him and made him a salad too.  Anne and I didnt have dinner because we had a large lunch and were not even hungry. 
Time to get to bed.
Nite nite. 


  1. Okay seeing you are missing comments I'll post. Glad to hear you having time out and girlfriend time. Lots if laughter I am sure

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM

    We'll I will comment. Lunch was delicious. Judith and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great food and great company.Cheers Lois

  3. Glad you were able to run away. Hope you're properly missed! We all need to do something like this every so often.

  4. Enjoy your time away and have lots of special friend time :)

  5. What lovely photos and Neil what a gorgeous smile.... And what a great pressie a spa and a spa shelter wow.. Enjoy your travels friends son and laughter as good as a holiday can get......

  6. I am so glad you are having a good time, you deserve it and Your friends are lucky to be able to spend this time with you.

  7. Thank you for coming and surprising me :) we are gong to have to catch up much sooner my friend we have missed you terribly. You are a special person your family is so lucky to have you. I don't know many people who give as you do. My only wish is that some members of your family wake up and realise what a rare gem they have as a mother before its to late. Love you for ever my friend :)

  8. What lovely friends you have, nice treat to get away and have some you time. Enjoy

  9. Enjoy your time away with your gorgeous friends. x

  10. Thank you for the lovely comments girls.

  11. What a lovely trip. Enjoy catching up with friends an family. I think you were needing this in a big way.



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