Tuesday, March 18, 2014


First up today, I'm dashing down to the Hospice Shop in Manukau to pick up that cute as Wingback chair.

Then off to Sylvia Park to find a lovely little gift for Carol at the Sewing Machine Shop.  I want to thank her in some small way for how she pulled out all the stops and got me a new machine to replace Lemony.  She is retiring in a couple of weeks and moving all the way to Stratford, so I want to give her something tomorrow in case I don't see her again.  Would you believe she has worked until she is almost 80!  What a woman.  Impressive.

I am due at the shop for my lesson at 10.30, on how to use McDREAMY.  

Last night I did managed to get down into my sewing 'room' after having dinner and watching Masterchef.  I only sewed for about an hour. It took me a good half an hour of reading the instruction manual before I felt confident enough to actually turn McDreamy on!  *laughing at myself*

I had to set the language and time before anything else ... and THAT scared me!  But... I did it, then I threaded the machine and tried out a few stitches.

It's SO EASY!  It has a touch screen for almost EVERYTHING, and if you try and do something 'wrong', the machine makes a noise to indicate you can't do that.  How cool is that!

I can see it won't be hard to work out all it's little do's and don't's. 

It is simply a matter of using it and learning along the way.  I LOVE McDREAMY.

FROGGY:  I will certainly pick your brains if/when needed, thanks for offering.  

So, I'm not sure when I will be home ... probably around lunchtime?  Then I will be able to show you the little lounge chair.  I want to get it re-covered at some point, cos it's a bit tired looking.  But for now, I'll just make a cover for the place where ya head lies.  And maybe the arm rests.  We will see.  It's not falling to bits, just ... it could be freshened up.

ABOVE:  the few stitches I tried last night.  Bottom Right flower stitch amazed me!  It's so BIG... perfect for sewing down a sashing!  There's already a couple of things I want to ask Carol... 


Wow, I've been away all day!  I had a 3 hour lesson with Carol on McDreamy.  It was wonderful.  Carol was impressed with how much I had already picked up, with watching a few videos on You Tube, and what I did last night.

We had a really lovely time going over stitches and learning a few techniques that I'd not done before.

Upon leaving I spotted some fabric that was on sale,  from stock from their closed Howick shop.  So I grabbed some:

ABOVE:  the fabric.  I also got some buttons and needles there.  On my way home I stopped in at Spotlight to buy some new snips (mini scissors), and got 2 new pair, and some needles, a new rotary blade and some cottons.

In the mall I saw and grabbed a few plastic containers to use in the sewing area... and ummm...

ABOVE:  a small plaster Rhino.  I like rhinos.  

ABOVE:  what do ya think of me new buttons?  Freakin' cute as I say.

The afternoon is nearly over and I've done NOTHING around the house!  Sheesh, I better pull finger, I'm cooking dinner tonight.

OH and before anyone asks, the chair is still in the back of me car... it's too cumbersome to haul in myself.  I shall wait for our men to get home and they can bring it in.

You will get to see it tomorrow now.  Hey... it gives me something to blog about tomorrow!

STEVE:  Yes son, tomorrow I will enlighten my readers as to WHY I love Rhinos.  OK?

End of Day:  some really good bits, and towards the end... not so good.
nite nite


  1. Oooh, missed Masterchef last night. Who was knocked out?

  2. lol stitches, sewing and instructions YOU lost me at sitting down!! but already I can loads OF UFO being actually completed now!

  3. Just had a bit of a giggle. I read your blog at lunch time yesterday but didn't get to follow it up. My first pick for a name for your machine was McDreamy, but didn't get to tell you that! I bet it was a lot of reader's first pick too :-)

  4. Oh, and yes, I have an SLR camera. Once you know the basics - what the things are - you can go further with it. It's a bit tricky but I'll try help wherever I can. x

  5. Steve6:06 PM

    Are you going to enlighten your readers in to the last amazing encounter you had with rhinos, and why they fascinate you so much?

  6. Glad to hear you're bonding well with McDreamy. Hmmmm Rhinos what could it possibly be?

  7. Just love seeing all the stuff you buy!! Must admit the rhino threw me a bit!! nice buttons!


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