Saturday, March 15, 2014


We were supposed to be taking her and the family out to Yum Char for lunch.
But the bloody tummy bug from hell has put a screeching halt to that.  Another time Bex. Sorry.  
I'm sure we shall still have a nice day...  but well....  This country is expecting a bit of a battering from Cyclone Lusi this weekend.

So no sunbathing it would appear.

Remember, I live in NEW ZEALAND, NOT Australia!

ABOVE:  Latest satellite pictures Cyclone Lusi heading our way.  While I hope it doesn't do too much damage... I still love storms and am looking forward to it.
But shish... don't tell anyone who hates storms!

ABOVE: Friday morning's sunrise in West Auckland.  That old saying "Red sky in morning, Shepherd's Warning,  Red Sky at night, Shepherds Delight"  would appear to be correct.

In between feeling bloody ill as a dog yesterday, I grabbed a few photos of Dante and the 'special' car...

ABOVE:  this little vintage car was given to Steve by his Grandma Harvey, when he was about 8 months old.  His Grandma died of Leukemia a couple of months later.  So, this is probably one of the only gifts he got from her.  So, it's special.

ABOVE:  it was equally special to see it in his baby son's hands yesterday.

 ABOVE: Dante played with it for a little while... then he got his hands on my lens cap, and...

ABOVE:  he was faced with the decision.  Lens cap.... or car?  Can you guess what won?
It wasn't the car!  Funny little man.

ABOVE:  The face of exhaustion.  Still a bit pale around the gills.  Poor kid had the bug bad. He spent hours vomiting.  So glad I didn't get that bad.

The only two not to have caught the bug yet :  Bex and Brylee!  I hope they don't get it.  It's a really nasty bug.

So, today?  Quiet inside day I think.  IF the storm arrives, I hope to get a few photos.

I'm also going to try and find some videos on You Tube about the new sewing machine.
I am so excited!  It looks to have some really awesome stitches.  I can't wait to try it out.


Well we are feeling so much better today.  Sad we had to cancel our yum char lunch... but we will have some takeaways for dinner instead, Bex gets to choose. 

The weather is as expected, nasty.

Well... nothing is happening around here!  Everyone is just doing their own thing, watching TV, playing XBox, having a nap (ME) and staying dry.  Outside it's been pissing down, though right now it seems to have stopped.

It doesn't even seem like a storm, just rain and a bit of wind. Boring really. 

LYNDA:  I just had a 'look' for that shop on Google Earth, and it doesn't look like it's there!

Google Earth might be out of date?  I might give them a phone call to make sure they are actually there before I drive over.  *smiles*
Thanks for the tip.

End of Day:  got no energy, even after having a good lunch and dinner.  Feel ikkk still.  And it's a sad state of affairs when you simply don't want to answer your own phone for fear of being screamed at.  
nite nite


  1. Happy Birthday Bex :-). I hope the rest of you get better soon.

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Happy Birthday Bex, have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday Bex... Hope you have a fantastic day ... today is my birthday too!!

  4. Hi Chris, I just saw an advert in our local paper and wondered if you'd been to this place. It is called the "Auckland Quilters And Dressmakers Vintage Fabric Emporium". Sounds like somewhere you'd like to go :)

  5. Happy Birthday Bex, sorry to hear everyone poorly, we have only had rain no wind yet very warm here but much needed rain.....

  6. If you feel up to it there is a quilt show called "Quilts Across the Ranges" at the Kelston Community Centre today & tomorrow 10-4, entry $5.

  7. The advert says "first building in from Church Street" (probably old Thorndon Antiques building as shown on google maps). I really don't know what quilting stuff they have, the advert doesn't say. It might just be lots of Japanese fabrics etc... maybe a load of rubbish :) It was just the name that caught my eye.

  8. If someone is screaming at you on the phone get a whistle and blow into the hand piece.

  9. Look on Google Maps, you might find what you need?

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to Bex! Sucks everyone is sick hope you don't catch it for a birthday present!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday Bex. Hope you are all feeling better. Beautiful sunrise!!!!


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