Friday, December 14, 2012


There's only two more school days for Brylee and Griffin after today... and I am really looking forward to a break from making school lunches, school activites, bla bla bla.... bring on next Tuesday I say.

I must be mad... I used to hate school holidays!  But these holidays Brylee and Griffin have Haylea and Joshua to play with... they all seem to get along great.  Joshua is Russell's son, who lives here in New Zealand with his Mum (and 4 other siblings who are not Russell's children).

I got a few lovely photos of Tess and Bodhi last night, and some of Russ too:

ABOVE:  Tess... so happy to be with her baby boy again...

ABOVE:  A mother's love....
ABOVE:  Mum, Dad and Bodhi... look at Tess's face, it says it all.

The next two photos take some explaining.  Russ bought Sienna a baby doll that talks when you kiss it, or pat it etc... and he wanted to try it out before giving it to Sienna tomorrow....

ABOVE: After activating the 'talking' mechanism he had to re-dress his dolly...

ABOVE:  Now I'm left wondering who is going to love dat doll more, Russ or Sienna!  lol... nah, just joking.  He was hamming it up for me.  Funnily enough, he KNOWS these photos will be on me blog today and he doesn't care.  I think all me kids enjoy being 'blog fodder'!

ABOVE:  The two expectant parents to be... it's a crab quality photo for some reason, but I loved the look on Steve's face.  He was looking at Bodhi and talking to him... my son loves his baby nieces and nephews.... he's so good with them. 

We are so, so lucky that Brylee, Joshua, Griffin, Haylea, Rena, Sienna, Keera and Bodhi are all going to be here for this Christmas. 

The ICING ON THE CAKE would be for Bex to spit Baby Foe out just BEFORE Christmas, then he would be here too!  Somehow... I'm thinking that won't happen though.  She hasn't even 'dropped' yet.  The only consolation?  He WILL be here before too long... and he is going to be spoilt rotten... of course!  I adore me grandbabies.


BLOODY KIDS!  Griffin and Joshua are sleeping in the garage, and Brylee and Haylea are in Bry's room... this morning I get up and find all four kids in the garage making a racket.  Grrrrr.

Typical I suppose, but I had hoped to get a bit of a sleep in! 


Guess the exact weight of Baby Foe and win a 'Mystery Prize'.  This Competiton will be open until Foe arrives.  In the event that more than one person guesses the right weight, I will give all winners a prize.  I'm not doing 'Day/Time' cos it gets a bit complicated... and I can't be arsed.

PINKY:  My son Russell weighed 7lb 11oz too!

GUESS where I went this morning? ...

ABOVE:  YEP... Baby Foe is going to be born either today or tomorrow!   He WILL be here for Christmas... how freakin awesome is THAT!!!!

ABOVE:  waiting to be put on the baby monitor...

ABOVE:  all is good.  Waters broke at 6.15am today... and according to Debs (Midwife) her proper contractions could start anytime today... but if they don't Bex will be induced tomorrow morning.  At the moment she is just having vigorous tummy tightening... that do hurt but not too bad yet.

This is why the 'Competition' is only for Foe's weight... *smiles*

Bassinette Sheets!   I have been putting off sewing them up for MONTHS... kept thinking I had plenty of time.
JUST last night I told Bex I would get them done in the next few days.
Now Steve and Bex are giving me a really hard time ... so I better just get down into the garage and SEW them eh?

ABOVE:  right, there we are... two made in a couple of hours.  The one on the right is on the mattress already in this photo.  I made them like pillow cases so they fit perfectly and won't bunch up.

From what I can tell Bex is still in early pre-OMG-THAT HURTS labour!  Might be taking her out for a little gentle walk later on to get 'things' moving...

How typical.  Bex is feeling hardly any pain now.   Grrrrr.... looks like it might be Plan B.. an induction tomorrow morning the rate she's going!  But this happened to Lacy with Keera only 5 months ago.. and I got woken up in the middle of the night cos she was truly in labour.  I hope the same thing happens with Bex.

End of Day:  and NOPE, no Baby Foe yet.  Bex has been for 3 good walks around the neighbourhood... rocked and bounced her butt on a big Swiss Ball... and still no real OMG Contractions.  I've told her to go to bed ... and I am kinda expecting her to wake me up in the middle of the night in full on labour.  I mean... what's a good night's sleep anyway?
nite nite


  1. Great Photos Chris.
    Oh I suck at guessing baby weights but can't resist entering, so lets go with 7lb 11. (my baby boy weighed that)
    Have a great day

  2. Guy was 8.5lbs and Corby was 9.3lbs.

    But I'm guessing Foe will be... 8.4lbs. xxx

  3. Hmmm...

    My son weighed in at 10 lbs 14 oz.

    My daughter weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz.

    So, let me grab somewhere in between...

    My guess is... 8 lbs 9 oz.

    So excited to meet the new your new grandbaby! Can't wait...

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  4. OMG Exciting!!!!
    There a baby on the way!!!
    I love me some babies!
    All the best to Steve and Bex and as a fellow December baby - please no christmas themed birthday presents - no combining of birthday and christmas presents and no birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper!
    OK I think those are the main rules us Decmeberians like to put out there!
    Again so exciting!!!

  5. It sounds like you will be in for a very noisy and fun filled Christmas. Have a great one, and a safe and healthy 2013. :)

  6. Anonymous11:10 AM

    High Chris.Hope eveerything is going well with Bex and that little bundle of joy(that will arrive very soon)

    My guess on his weight 7lb 9oz

    Southgirl x

  7. My guess is 8lb 10oz exciting and what a special early Christmas gift!!!

  8. ohhh excitement plus.....
    I wonder how big baby FOE will be....I am going to guess 8lb 5oz....
    Good luck Bex and Steve...

  9. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Omg soooo supper Exited for you Bex are gona be The Best Parents o I just know it....Keera Loves you Both....she cant wait to meet her new Cuzzy xoxoxoxoxoxox...Love Lacy & Keera xoxoxox

  10. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I guess 7 lb 9. Oz for baby foe.

    How exciting

    Joan x

  11. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Both my babies were 6pd however my guess is.... 7pd 13oz.... Bee - Gold Coast

  12. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Oh how exciting. All the very best wishes to Bex and Steve I cannot wait to hear the name and see the beautiful addition to your family. Such a lucky baby to have you and Stew.

    I say 7lb 13oz

  13. I'm guessing 7lb 2 oz
    So exciting! My daughter Jess is 18 tomorrow and hope baby Foe is born then. All the best Bex and Steve, life will never be the same soon, you will be your own little family ;)
    Baby Foe will be in time for his first Santa photos!

  14. Oh, Chris! I'm so excited...

    Today is going to be a monumental day for Steve and Bex!!!!!

    So so happy for them.

    Please do let us know...

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  15. Wow .... I guess I better make my guess now for Baby Foe's weight - I will say 6 lb 10 oz. I hope all goes well for the birth - and it's not long before you are all cuddling the new family member :)

  16. OMGosh!!!! I'm so excited for you..and of course, Steve and Bex! Really the best Christmas gift!

  17. Nine pounds! :) GOOD LUCK BEX!! :)

  18. WOW! How exciting!!! Baby Foe is on his way... my guess for his weight is 8lb 7oz. Hope all goes well for Bex (and Steve and your all)... will check in later for more news :)

  19. Praying for a safe delivery for Bex!
    I am gonna guess he will weigh 8lb,3 oz

  20. How exciting....I hope it is all going well. I am going to guess 6lbs., 12 oz.
    You sure are good at getting your this case a baby before Christmas.

  21. 6 lb 13oz. I guessed way too much on Miss Muppet - so I am going on the low end this time. You are getting your best Christmas gift ever. Plus imagine the family photos you will take this Christmas. Can't wait to see them. You must make one with everybodies name labled on it!

  22. Woo's all on :) My guess is 8lb 11oz :)
    When Jo had Rhian we walked up and down the stairs at the order of the midwife. LOL It was slow going!!!!
    All the very best for Bex & Steve as they make their way into "Parenthood".
    Thank goodness Grandma is onto her sewing.....:)

  23. Oh My Goodness it is soo close now. How exciting a new baby for Christmas - best present EVER for Steve & Bex. I hope it happens soon & Mum & Bus are healthy & home soon.

    I think 8lb 7oz.

  24. Anonymous2:05 PM

    What wonderful news to hear Baby"Foe"is on his way.

    My guess is 8lb 4oz

    Southgirl x

  25. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Oh my well done my guess is 8.9 much I no but look at Steve. You in girl. From Kelly.

  26. Good luck Bex and Steve.
    My guess is 7lb 15oz

  27. Anonymous2:29 PM

    OMG awesome ... chris your a jinx wanting that baby here for christmas lol , My guess for baby fo is 8lbs 7 oz .
    Good Luck Bex and Steve :)

    donna at work

  28. Oh how exciting - another bubba for you to love.

    I know that Steve will be bonkers about his son, and will no doubt have the best Christmas ever.

    Best wishes, and God's blessing to all. I hope all goes smoothly.

    Feel I should add a weight, but have no idea about pounds and thingys. so 7.6 whatevers (I am a metric girl - so 3.45 kilos makes more sense to me)

    I think I might be able to hear the excitement in your house this Christmas here in Tassy

  29. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Im thinking a big baby ..... My guess is 9lb 12oz. Good luck to you both! Shelley xx

  30. Cameback to check your blog and thought that I hadn't read your title properly the first time ! hope all goes well for Steve and Bex ( and things happen quickly)

    I just checked another blog that i follow and she had her babies on 12.12.12 about 10-12 weeks early. They were tiny but still bigger than my DD was at 740g

  31. OMG you lucky tart!!! You got your wish. That is so awesome mate. I am stoked and rapt for you. Awesome, awesome christmas present.

    I'm going to pick 6 lb 8oz

  32. Soo exciting!!! Hope everything goes well for Steve and Bex. I'm guessing 8lb 4oz xxxx

  33. Oh wow steve will be in tather heaven and Bex she will be in relief heaven OH HOW exciting I am going out for dinner but will check back my guess 8lb 8oz sorry Bex.

  34. So exciting, Bex must be a very strong girl, just a few days ago she was saying goodbye to her Father and now she is about to give birth, I am wondering how she is coping, two such monumental events. Bless her, have a safe delivery of your precious son.

  35. Good luck for a safe and timely delivery, it's my youngest son (23) birthday today, take care of everyone especially that new arrival!!!have a wonderful weekend x

  36. I am guessing 8lb.1oz.

  37. Best wishes to you both Bex and Steve, I think 9lb 1. Krissy.

  38. wooohoo another baby... :) so excited for you all... hmmmm baby weight.. let me see.. nah no idea..


    i'll go with.. 8lb 2oz

    Anne :)

  39. I am quessing 8 lbs, 8 ozs. Good luck and congrats! Can't wait to see the baby, all healthy, and hear his name!!

    God Bless~

  40. That is great news, my guess is 8 lbs 8 oz, can't wait to hear the news :-)

  41. OMG So excited for Steve and Bex... And you of course!!! When was she due? I can't remember.

  42. How exciting Chris - you'll need a holiday to get over these holidays! I'm guessing 8lb 8oz for no reason other than that was the weight of my 2nd (2 weeks early). She doesn't look big enough to go for the weight of my first (9lb 11oz) ;-)

  43. I will guess 7 pound 7 oz. Yay - go Bex!!!


  44. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Come on baby foe , when I went to bed last night I was sure you would have coughed up baby foe by now.

    We hav.ent got any grandchildren but. Keep looking at how you are doing ,

    Hope things go well for you both, and you all have wonderful Christmas together.

    After that week you went through, I wish you all the best.

    Joan x

  45. My guess 9lb 4 ozs - exciting!

  46. So exciting!!! All the best to everyone!!! Bex's swollen feet and waters brocken at 37 weeks remind me of my first birth - and my boy was 8lb6oz so that's my guess. More importantly though I keep my fingers crossed that all goes well and reasonably swiftly! (my first labour was 30+h followed by a C Section - not ideal but we were all gd after - and at 12 1/2 he is almost as talll as me now!!!!)

  47. you know, Chris, I think I speak for all your readers when I say thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I feel like I'm reading a novel half the time, waiting for the next episode. Marriages, deaths, and births. What a story! And now baby Foe is on the way. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

  48. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Good luck to Bex and Steve. Be strong Bex and know that your Dad is with you in Spirit and will be present in your wee mans heart forever xx

  49. 6.13oz is my guess. I wish everyone the best of luck for a quick and easy delivery.
    Wow, you got your wish for Christmasxx

  50. 6.13oz is my guess. I wish everyone the best of luck for a quick and easy delivery.
    Wow, you got your wish for Christmasxx

  51. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Can't wait for the text that says baby foe is really coming and that she is in real pain. That will be exciting. And then that baby I here.

  52. A new baby for exciting for you all. I hope things go really well for Steve and Bex. My guess is 7lb4oz.


  53. Hope you can update with BIG NEWS soon! ;)

  54. Looks like you have been having a great time with all those babies and kids in the house. Wonderful news that baby FOE will be there very soon too. Enjoy this special time together. All the best.

  55. congrats on the new baby.. hope that the new momma doesn't have very much pain.. my guess 8lbs 6oz (had to use my first baby's weight... didn't want to use my second baby's at 9lbs 11oz)..

  56. Anonymous8:38 AM

    O.M.G to a baby today.My guess for his weight is 6lb 4oz.(just because this little Man is potting in an early apperance)



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