Sunday, December 09, 2012


Stew, Steve and Bex have an early start today... Steve and Bex fly out of Auckland for Invercargill just before 7am this morning... so it's up and out of here at 5.45am for them.

Once Stew is home I have to pick up Keera by 9.15am and take her to visit with her Father and his family.  It will be a long 4.5 hours for me I think.
I'm hoping his family are welcoming towards me... as I am there for Keera, not to give them any grief.

While I'm out with Keera (9.15am - 3.15pm) Stew will be chief cook and bottle washer... looking after Sienna and Bodhi.  I am sure he will cope just fine... he's been 'well trained' *smiles*.

Yesterday, I lay Sienna down for her bottle, and once she had finished it I laid Keera down beside her...

 ABOVE:  Sienna was NOT too sure about having that strange baby beside her...

ABOVE:  OMG, that baby moved!  I am going to scream holy blue murder... help me Grandma!!!

Hee heee... it was sooo funny. 

Bodhi slept till 5.30am.... so I got a decent nights sleep.  Stew has taken Steve and Bex to the airport... I hope things go well for them down in Invercargill.
I will have them on my mind over the next few days...

I'm home.  I'm busting for a piddle and some FOOD..... I'll be back in an hour!

*waves*... I'm back.  So, I needn't have felt any worries about the visit to Wade's sister's home.  They were all very nice, baby was ok most of the time, she did do some screaming... but it was to be expected.  New environment, new people etc.
We arrived on time, but left half an hour early as Wade felt she should leave so she could be fed and have a good sleep.  She wasn't too keen on being fed while there. 

Lacy and Keera have now gone home and Stew has gone to the supermarket... I'm here at home with our two plus Russ and Tess's two babes.  All is going well with them... they are just delightful wee babes.  Miss Sienna is a right hoot!

She calls everyone either MUM, or Dad, or Bodhi!  And she babbles, and babbles... such a gorgeous wee girl.   I want to keep her!   Seriously, she is so cute, so funny, we just LOVE HER so much!
As for Bodhi, I would happily keep him too!  Little laid back man.

I have heard from Russ and Tess... all is well with them... they are planning on jumping out of an airoplane tomorrow!  Rather them than me!  I could NEVER do that! 

I have also heard from Steve and Bex... they arrived safely and are now with Bex's family.  Steve assures me Bex is taking it easy and keeping her feet up as much as possible.  I miss those two already. 

End of Day: well a rather busy day... but it has gone well on many fronts.
nite nite.


  1. Keera looks like a doll in the first pic with Sienna. I bet Sienna will warm up to her before long.
    Best wishes to Bex and Steve over the next few days.

  2. Good luck to Bex & steve thinking of them. Sienna looks so scared lol. Hope your visit goes well it is a long time for you to twiddle your thumbs if they are horrid but as you say its for keera :)

  3. It will be a long day for you that's for sure your mind will be wandering Steve Bex Russell Tess. The only saving grace is the weather is fine, Keera and Sienns so funny, Keeras like what what?

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Hope all goes well for you today with Miss Keera when you take her for her visit.Just try and stay calm.

    Also hope things are OK for Bex down south.I am sure they will.I know the southern hospitality

    Southgirl x

  5. Big day today!

    I hope Bex and Steve got off safely. I know this will be a difficult trip for them both. Am thinking about them...

    I hope your day with Keera goes well. Hopefully the family of Keera's father understand your situation and intent... I suspect this will get easier with each visit.

    Stew is awesome to be your support crew...

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  6. Love the photos - the look on Sienna's face is classic!

  7. I hope the visit went well and you had no grief.

    Wishing all the best for Bex especially in the coming days.

  8. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Glad it went well ....Relax now :)

    donna @ work

  9. Glad the visit went well. Wish you did not have to make them.


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