Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are utterly spoilt for choice right now when it comes to having babies to cuddle... 

 ABOVE:  Dante in his own little bed...

 ABOVE:  Granddad having his first cuddle with his newest grandson...

 ABOVE:  Bex keeps saying Dante looks just like her brothers, but in this photo I'm damn sure he looks like Steve as a newborn... must find the baby album...

 ABOVE:  Tess and Russell meeting the newest family addition...

 ABOVE:  ornamental garden pot.  Why am I showing it to you?  Hmmm...
 ABOVE:  Sienna likes this pot...

 ABOVE: "What's in there Sienna?"

ABOVE:  Ahh HA!  Missing Treasure!  Seems this is where you hide it... funny but I can't see the BIG X marking the spot!  At least now when something goes missing we know where to look!

ABOVE:  Lastly for now... we have Master Bodhi after his bottle... this wee man seems to be going through a growth spurt ... he's demanding more and more food.  This is him after a full bottle, followed by a very large quantity of baby food and then ANOTHER bottle!

Today:  Chilling at home ... getting housework caught up on... maybe putting up the Christmas tree... so many choices...


Very busy morning.  Russ and Tess and the kids pitched in and we got the house all tidy... so this afternoon we can put up the tree!

I have a Dr's appointment at 4pm, I'm finally getting me freakin sore arm looked at.   It's been a right arse not being able to use it much without pain... like broken glass in me arm pain.  Not nice.

I better go back through the blog to find out just when I hurt it... about 2-3 weeks ago from memory...

Seems I have 'Tennis Elbow', caused by injuring me arm 4 weeks ago.  And I need to see a physiotherapist... well that's not going to happen right now, there is far too much going on in this house!

Before anyone comments... Dante is a little bit jaundiced... but he is OK right now.  Bex is putting him in the sun morning and night, so that will sort it out.

End of Day:  Dante had his first bath tonight, and I got some lovely photos of all babies and Mums too... shall show them tomorrow.


  1. OMG - spoilt! Hard to resist cuddling babies... they are GORGEOUS babies too. What a happy time huh?

    Well I have just started my HOLIDAYS today - yeeeehaaa... six weeks off... Woohoo... Catch up after Chrissy.


  2. You are so blessed to have such large and happy family :) Merry Christmas Chris!

  3. Haha at least you know where all your stuff went now!

    Babies galore!

  4. How great that Tess and Russell are there to meet Dante. You'd better get that arm fixed with all the baby hugs you need to give.

  5. You and your family are BLESSED by God beyond belief!!! I can tell you know it and appreciate it also~! I'm so happy for you all~ ♥♥♥

  6. You and your family are BLESSED by God beyond belief!!! I can tell you know it and appreciate it also~! I'm so happy for you all~ ♥♥♥

  7. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I love Sienna's stash.She has a look on her face as if to say.Ooops I got caught out now have to find somewhere else to hid my stash.

    Southgirl x

  8. Ha ha Sienna you are a little bundle of mischief. Mia hides our stuff out the cat door

  9. Its really lovely that knowing how busy life is at the moment for you that you make the time to share with us. I'm addicted to photos, I just love them and can't wait to see more. Thank you xx

  10. lovely photos of all .babes, adults Sienna the hidden stash funny as!! how nice decorating the tree now WHERE to put it!

  11. I too was jaundiced as a baby. It'll clear up. Wasn't Keera as well I seem to remember?

    So glad he is home, and your family is all together. Relax tomorrow and enjoy them all now xx

  12. Now that is cool! The Sienna likes dropping things in that pot!

  13. Now that is cool! The Sienna likes dropping things in that pot!

  14. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Why don't you take Dante to the hospital? He has jaundice and must see a doctor soon.

  15. How lovely to have all the little ones with you. Enjoy!

  16. One of the best parts of my day is reading your blog Chris, always puts a smile on my face. Love all the photos, love all the babies and families, Merry Christmas to all Xx

  17. Chris - congratulations on the absolutely beautiful babies! I am trying to catch up on your blog but, I am afreaid it will take me a while! Sorry to hear about the elbow but happy it isn't anything more serious!


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