Monday, June 25, 2012


My blog has dissapeared!

OH MY GOD ... I nearly died a thousand deaths.

I did NOTHING... yet my blog deleted itself!

I tried everything ... but for the last hour nothing seemd to work... I still have no idea why it was deleted, who deleted it (it wasn't me!) and why it's back.

I am just thankful it is.  I felt physically sick when I couldn't find my blog!

SICK I tell ya!

QUESTION:  is there a way to copy your ENTIRE blog for 'safe keeping' in case this ever happens again?

I really did panic when I kept getting a message saying my blog was deleted!

Thanks for the suggestion Paula, I have indeed changed my password, as of now.

I remember visiting a blog earlier on this evening... and got a 'WARNING MALWARE PRESENT' on her blog... so I'm thinking as my blog disappeared soon after that ... it might have been that?  NOT 100% sure... but it's the only thing I can think of.
So if you see that warning... get off there!


  1. glad it is back now

  2. Thank goodness you are still here.

    I think Blogger has gone a little crazy tonight. I got a malware warning. Hope there are no problems tomorrow.


  3. I went into panic mode for you !!!!! Martine

  4. OMG !! Glad you still here..

  5. I'm glad you are still here too :)

    Is it a blogger fault - or is it possible someone knows your password and was tampering with your blogger? I would probably be inclined to change my password if it was me - just in case you were hacked.

  6. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Hi Chris, I have lost my blogs twice permanently!!! My newest/lastest blog also was deleted, and it took Blogger 2 days to reinstate it, and this time they appologized to me for what happened! I hate the first one that was deleted, and I couldn't get back because it had so much of my history on it!~ arghhh ♥♥♥

  7. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I'm glad you didn't dissapear forever!!OMG!! You would have been missed!! We would never have gotten to see Miss Muppet!! ...debbie

  8. Mine did that once too. I was Freekin ' out!
    If you create a Wordpress blog, there is sn option to "Import Blog"and it will copy your whole blog into wordpress.

  9. I had something like that happen once and it was a blogger glitch or something. I remember feeling pretty sick when it happened to me too!

  10. Several people seem to be losing stuff .
    I lost half of what I wrote one day last week


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