Thursday, June 02, 2011


I'm in such a funk I don't know what to do with myself.

I have to take Griffin to his Speld Lesson this morning.
After that I am going to do some sewing.... cos it always makes me feel better.

I think I will continue working on my Dresden Plate quilt:

ABOVE:  I just know I am going to love it once it's finished.... so I should pull me finger out and do more on it.  There is such a lot to do... I don't want it to become another UFO.  (unfinished  object).  I've got quite a few of those already.

Yeah, and there's two pairs of Stew's work trousers that have been waiting to be hemmed for MONTHS.  Sheesh I hate hemming.  And mending stuff.  And sewing on buttons.
Anyone else besides me who hates those jobs???

Yeah... I'm waffling... yabbering on about diddly squat.... so I'll bugger off and come back later with something witty ... I HOPE!


ABOVE: Whoops!  I forgot I'd put all this stuff from out of the Marble Top Unit (which is now upstairs) onto my sewing table/desk.   *sigh*... now I'll have to sort it all out so I can sew this afternoon.

I hope like hell the big desk from Whitianga arrives this weekend!  I NEED IT.  Wonder if they will ring/text to let me know?  Knowing them.. NO.

Success!  I rang several times, left another message... rang their daughter to make sure I was ringing the right number.. and we got a reply!
They MIGHT be going up this weekend to get the stuff. MIGHT. Which means we still don't know for sure.  So, limited success.  Think I will ring them again on Saturday to make sure... it's a long weekend and I am NOT staying home all day for 3 days 'in case' they turn up!

Very pleased with myself.  I finally got Stew's trousers hemmed.  It was really lovely out in the countryside today... hardly a cloud in the sky ... gorgeous temperatures too.
Now I'm home and I'm going to head down to the garage and sew!

SHARINGANCLIFFORD:   OMG Mike... what a long comment!   I didn't even know it was you at first...  the "Xtina" gave it away though!  lol ... for those who don't know my full name is Christina and Mike and his mates always called me Xtina!  lol

End of Day:  I enjoyed my day today... certainly no longer in a funk.  I had a lovely talk with my youngest son over Skype and he is going to move up here in the next few ???.... no clear time frame, but he is coming 'home'.  I am so happy about that.  We miss our Mike so much.
nite nite.


  1. An industrious sewing day and before you know it the morning and arvo will whizz by remember to drink and eat and move your legs around.

  2. Leigh7:44 AM

    Yep I hate doing hems and mending. And sometimes my hubby wants me to replace zips! That take ages! Mending is kind of like darning socks now, time wise not worth it. But I sometimes do it when it's a special piece of clothing. Hems once I start don't take long, but I hate the idea of starting, don't want them to think we will do it all the time ah?
    When I took son to suit hire place yesterday (school Ball) the poor lady there has to hem all the suits each time they are hired.
    Have a good day

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I think you have just turned the corner on the food issue. Well done
    Mary H

  4. You have my compassion dear friend. Your sewing room looks like mine- my table is full of "stuff" that needs to find another place to rest -but for some reason it seems like an insurmountable task. : (

    I dislike hems too and I don't like cutting out projects also. At one time I was cutting out a few projects and putting the pieces in a plastic box. That way it did not seem like such a job.

    I wish I could send you some of our heat! LOL After I said I would not complain :::::: LOL

    I have also discovered that I want to complain about Mosquitoes and flies and poison oak. For some reason these critters had left my mind as I was dreaming of Summer- all Winter. This has been a very rude awakening! LOL

  5. You are waaay to nice about the desk issue. I think you need to set Stew on them.

    Enjoy your sewing this afternoon.

  6. SharinganClifford12:20 PM

    With reference to your last post yesterday (portion size)- how correct you are. It was a habit that took considerable effort and time to break myself. The widely accepted notion of "3 meals a day" is infact a misconception, as meals spaced out further than 4 hours cause the body to enter a catabolic state, where muscle fibres are broken down by the body for energy that is then used or stored (fat). As muscles are the body's most dominant source of burning excess carb/fat stores, anything that causes them to diminish is a negative. So xtina, eat 6 times a day, your normal 3 meals (reduced in size significantly) with snack/small meals inbetween these 3 (making 5) and a protein based food (little carb as possible) before bed if your hungry (30% of the calories in protein are used up during digestion, whereas only 8% with carbs)- milk is a good choice here as the ceasien protein in milk is slowly absorbed and will "drip feed" your body protein over night. Obviously any carbs ingested at this latter stage of tyhe day will almost certainly be stored as fat during sleep. O and another good tip ma-ma, as i know you tend to skip breakfast, is upon waking have a whole glass of the absolute coldest beverage you can find (iced water is best obviously as its carb-less)this will cause your body to drop in temperature, thus igniting your metabolism as your body attempts to warm itself using your energey reserves conserved durig the night. Love you! o one last thought, the negative effect of 6 meals a day is that your doubling your probability of over eating, as you are now sitting down to eat twice as often so vigilance is required in that regard.

  7. Hope the funk has gone away.

  8. :) wow ahahaha, didnt you get told! Mite even use so of that info for me own use... Gosh I miss Mike. Oh I have heard that Cayenne Pepper is really good for increasing metabolism you could add that to your really cold water :-)

  9. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I sorta got the same problem. I'm not bragging though. I've managed to lose 10 kilos this year so far but I'm really pissed off I could have lost a lot more instead of piss-arsing around and not sticking religiously to lo-fat, lo-carb, smaller portioned food. Although I did manage to lose it slowly and they say thats better in the long run, but there's nothing better than having a big fast weight loss to get you motivated! WOMBAT

  10. I love that little puppys' face...soooo sweet and yes why do people have to be so mean.....and YES I HATE MENDING, HEMMING AND SEWING ON BUTTONS!!!! And....I have tons of U F O'S........and tons of EXTRA pounds that just keep coming back to find me.....THEY BUG!

  11. Any chance of showing/explaining how much your portion sizes are? For example how much mince would you use for feed your family? For Stu and I 500 of mince makes enough for four serves... 500 grams of chicken breasts makes enough butter chicken to serve 4 too. I'm just interested because of the times you have said that you have made double of something - I've always wondered what quantity you are meaning. Have a great long weekend too by the way :)

  12. Oh no - I mean great that Mike will come home but where will you put him? Surely he and Steve can flat somewhere??? No need to actually 'live' at home? Nice to have them near though.

  13. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Am curious. Why don't you go collect the desk? Hopefully they're not going to keep putting you offf....maybe they sold it??!! Wouldn't THAT be the pitts!! I love the Dresden quilt. It's just beautiful...debbie

  14. We bought a new scale, and on the new scale I weigh more than I did on the old one.....

  15. Busy day hope the funk has passed. Hope you get your stuff back! Enjoy your long weekend.

  16. I love your Dresden quilt, the colors are gorgeous!

    I'm glad you are getting out of your funk, that makes one of us! Mike's advice on the eating is great - I'm going to go grab a protien drink.

  17. im glad your 'funk' is over..

    we all get it from time to time.. just have to hang in there and it will pass..


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