Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 I had a big post already up on here today, but just deleted the lot.


Cos I spoke to Brylee AGAIN this morning.... and she has gone and changed her 'story' from the other day.

Now she's saying the other girl might have punched her by ACCIDENT while they were playing ball.

OMG.. I could kill her (Brylee)
Why oh why do I swallow her stories 'Hook, line and sinker'???

OK, she got punched.  But seems is most likely was an accident.

Now I have to ring the school and do some backtracking. 

And take back all my evil thoughts about the 'other girl'... well up to a point.

She has been damn awful to Brylee for months... this I DO KNOW as the Teacher has told me so.

To be honest I could spit tacks.  I am so over bloody kids and their crap.


I'm going back to bed.  Today sucks.

JAXX:  Thanks for your comment, it made me question Brylee again and get a new version.  Bloody kids!  Grrrr.   I could never 'hate'  you  either, honest comments are always appreciated. 

Anon: Thanks for  your comment too... I won't publish it as it's no longer applicable.

- Garage door is great, not leaking.
- TV... waiting for new one to be delivered.
- Lounge Suite.. no news on that yet.
- Spa refund.. cheque is 'in the post'.. will follow up on that later on today if it's not here today.

Rang work and told 'boss' I wouldn't be in today... told her I was in a super foul mood and just didn't want to come in!  She understood, she's a love like that.

BLONDIE:  me go to school and SURROUND myself with kids?  ARE. YOU. MAD?  I worked in schools with special needs kids for 5 years... I ain't going back!

I decided the day couldn't get much worse, so I did the grocery shopping! 
Then once home I fed the kid and Steve.
A few minutes after Steve started eating his lunch he screamed in pain... my blood ran cold I tell ya!
He has a cavity that is giving him grief but has done nothing about it due to being broke... so I immediately rang the nearest dentist ... who could see him right there and then, so off he's gone to get his tooth fixed.

Any more drama anyone want to throw my way?
Cos I am so over today already...

I feel .... shattered to tell the truth. And I am not emotionally eating, in fact quite the opposite.  I am not hungry.  Stress.  Ahhh there's a good 'diet' tactic.

ANONYMOUS:  yep ... there is always going to be someone (no doubt thousands) of people worse off or having a disastrous day which is WORSE than mine.  That does not diminish the fact that I am having a bad day, and I am allowed to have a pity party. 

Stressful situation over family members has hopefully kinda resolved itself for now... time will tell. 

MARY! Racy, very racy... lol.  It's on cos I don't have a problem with it!

New TV arrives on Friday afternoon.
Spa man is 'working' on getting us our cheque still.  Pffffft.

I ordered an 'over the bed' table for me to use as a computer table in the lounge today too. 
Ahhhh... retail therapy is EXCELLENT for the soul. 

Steve's tooth is fixed... $235 later, thank  you very much.
He's in the spa trying to relax cos it's hurting like hell now... he had to get three injections to make it even a little numb... now it's wearing off and he's not a happy little camper.  Tears well in me eyes, they really do.... snigger.

(obviously I decided to write a book today!  with NO pictures)

End of Day:  it could have been worse... but nothing else horrid happened so ended ok.
nite nite.


  1. Now please don't jump down my throat here, but remember there are 2 sides to every story. I am not saying that B is not telling the whole truth in this situation, but I also know that you have mentioned in the past that B has also bullied..... so make sure you know the whole situation before you go in guns blazing..... I know how you are feeling kinda, with C he was and still gets bullied, but I know he is far from an innocent party either in most situations. I now make sure I find out all the facts before I mention things and lets face kids can turn stories around bloody well if they want to. Please don't hate me for this comment friends still :-) ??

  2. :-) - oh and how is the garage door, not leaking I hope and any news on when your new TV will arrive.... and news on the lounge suite?????

  3. Now it is only natural as Brylee's mum to want to protect her that's a mothers perogative.... MAYBE parent help 2 days a week in her class might help as a constant for Brylee it lets you get a handle on other children and also SEE Brylee in a different light ( a friend of mine puts library books away fills glue pots etc pens chalks anything), she spends about 90 mins 2 days a week notthe same days random days worth a thought.

  4. you are such a good grand MOM... and kids... GRRRRRRRRRRR of all ages.
    love n hugs!!!!!!

  5. You're a Mum. If you don't believe in your children who will?

    At the same time no one knows your children better than you so a little caution when needed is wise. Sorry you feel a little stupid for going in guns blazing ..... but you are not stupid. You love your girl. Something is going on or Brylee would not have potted that girl.

    It's the over all pattern that's important. Griffin will help. He knows the truth.

    Don't let anything get in the way of seeing Brylee as she is. She is not her natural mother nor you either. Although genes do count, environment and her own sweet personality even more.

    I could say more but guess what? I'm cheering for Brylee. I know she's not perfect but she is a lovely child and I think she does need your protection even if you have to be a little slower to jump to her defence.

    Hope today gets better for you. You deserve a good day.


  6. Been reading this with interest, been there done that etc. The point is B did get punched whether by accident or not and by the girl who has bullied her in the past. I would stick by your complaints and get this issue resolved. B may now be saying the punch was accidental but I would be asking how can you punch someone when playing ball?

  7. gilly1:07 PM

    .....and often the child may change their story as they are afraid parental action will result in further bullying

  8. Like all parents, we really really want to believe what our kids tell us, it is really frustrating when they are not telling the whole truth. I think Jaxx was very smart for suggesting you double check with Brylee, I suspect that somewhere in between the 2 stories lies the truth.

  9. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Could be worse. Yes it could.
    1. Living in orange zone in Ch'ch
    2. Family of Pike river men waiting waiting.
    3. Panasonic goes bankrupt no wait Harvey Norman
    4. Hot Flushes
    I am sure there are more
    Cheer up

  10. Chris, don't be too hard on yourself, all you are guilty of is being loving and protective to the max. You have not done anything wrong, this could actually be a positive for you because you will know that there is often two sides to every story like Jax has said. Tomorrow will be a better day, take care


  11. Sigh. This is NOT your fault at all. Do you have the "Little Boy Who Cried Wolf" story in New Zealand? If not, google it and maybe Brylee can learn from this as she moves forward. She really is a pretty girl, bless her. And bless YOU!! I'm sure you are not the first parent in this predicament, and you won't be the last!! :)

    Hope Steve's cavity is better soon!!

  12. PS Um, wow. You sure do get some interesting comments every now and then, don't ya? :P

  13. It's always good to wait a bit before taking action when kids are involved. They will often change their story or say something wrong. I've had it done to me, where a mother used to leave abusive messages on my machine almost daily because my child was supposed to have done something to her kid (mind you, my child was about the only friend the kid actually had). And, my kid used to say another boy punched her almost daily. I took that to the office and found out that my kid was just as bad! she was giving it right back! There is always two sides to a story, and best not to go off in a fluff till you've had further discussions with the kid involved.

    Good luck with that one hon! xxx

  14. Anonymous4:49 PM

    No truer words were ever written....

    Before sex, you help each other get naked.

    After sex, you only dress yourself.

    The moral of the story:

    In life, no one helps you once you're f...ed

    Not sure you should publish this!!
    Enjoy MH

  15. Hopefully your day got better ((hugs)). I hate finding out that one of my kids hasn't been telling me the whole truth ::coughJessicacough: is the worst about that.

  16. and u think/say your blog entries are borring you always have such an ínteresting'life

    hugs Chris hope u have a better evening

  17. Wow, what a crappy day!!!! You deserve to do some retail therapy for sure! I hope tomorrow is WAY better for you. Hugs

  18. Tomorrow's another day Chris. I still love your blog even without pictures. Enjoy a spa tonight.

  19. Sure hope tomorrow is a better day for you tommorrow....sure sounds like today has been a crappy one!!!

    grrrrrrrr kids !!!

  20. Sounds like you had rough day.

  21. I've been so busy I haven't had time to check any blogs, Boy have I missed a lot with you! I hope your days are getting better! hang in there! xoxo

  22. I have not problem with my oldest son. He always accusing his sisters of hitting him. Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's not. But we can't really tell when.


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