Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm off to Hospice Shop today... looking forward to it too.  I love being there!  And NOT just so I can find treasure either!  lol
I like the girls I work with... well .... MOST OF THEM.  There is this ONE who keeps farting...
But nothing can be done about that eh?
I just walk out the back until the stench clears!

After working there I'm popping up to the hospital to see my dear little neighbour Myra again.  She's in Rehab now... hopefully she won't be in for months like last time. edit: going this evening...

While I'm out... here's the latest photo of our granddaughter Sienna:

ABOVE:  isn't she just adorable!  My fingers itch to hold her.... so tiny, so cute, so kissable...

Work today was incredibly SLOW.... and quiet!  Our boss lady is in hospital with an infection of some sort.... so will visit her tonight too...

ABOVE: today's 'treasures'... a white top for Amanda, a purple one for me, some awesome patchwork books, a bunny for Sienna, a magnetic photo frame and a cute and colourful jam jar cover.

AND two lenghts of fabric in blue/purple with FISH!  How could I resist??

Tisco men came and picked up our big tv after lunch today... and they said it looks like a problem with the TV... so fingers crossed we don't get the bill for fixing it ... Panasonic will!

Got up to the hospital just before dinner time... found my boss Debs ward no problem... poor woman is looking FRIGHTFUL... it looks like someone punched her in both eyes then slammed her forehead into a brick wall... she's all swollen and red ... the doctors THINK she has a massive infection in her sinus cavities but they are not sure.  She's on intravenous antibiotics for now.
Then I tried to find my neighbours ward to no avail... it was in another building altogether.  Will try to find it tomorrow or friday in the daylight!

Expect Stew home any time now with dinner....

End of Day:  We had evil chinese takeaways for dinner... so I better be careful for the rest of the week!
nite nite.


  1. Dear Chris, if I were you, I'd leave the spa pool and flied over to visit Sienna. No offence!

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Sienna is adorable and so wide eyed for a new born!! Maybe you could put a note in ole' farty pants purse while she isn't looking asking her to quit

  3. The poor baby has a blue square weenie!
    Ha ha! Funny editing!

  4. Tee hee.... about the farting lady. That's gotta be a hoot. Except for the smells. :P

  5. Nothing worse than having to fart at work lol. Well maybe smelling someone else!

  6. Good on you for visiting those folks in hospital. Many people wouldn't! I'm sure they appreciate it...

  7. And what's for dinner LaaLaa??

  8. And what's for dinner LaaLaa??

  9. Sienna is cute as a button CROSSED fingers on TV, any sign of garage door. mmmmmmmmmmm farting shop assistants noooooiiiiccceeee.

  10. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Hang an air freshner around the farters neck!(or follow her around with a lit match...BOOM!) That might give her the hint! Hope you're going to show us a photo of you wearing the purple boots, jewellery, bag etc. WOMBAT

  11. Sienna is precious indeed! The farting lady...not so much!

  12. Real cute little darling . You sure get respectable stuff in your charity shops . Most of ours are dreadful,and expensive . Bluebell and myself make washed and worn quilts using men's shirts. We are now paying £4 plus for a shirt--cottonreel

  13. It's hard not to hold a cute baby and she sure is cute. I hope your neighbor gets better soon.


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