Friday, June 10, 2011


ABOVE:  if it's worked there should be a little video of the Telly Tubby's above!  Just for a laugh!

Today:  Amanda and Emily are here so there will be some serious clucking going on!
And the Spa Pool man is coming around to collect the $'s for the pool... which SHOULD be arriving next week sometime.

That's going to be exciting!  I think I talked him into investigating getting a crane to get it in position ... he conceeded that it could be problematic trying to manhandle it in.

As I plan on staying home most of the day I shall probably do a read of blogs too....


Answers to Questions:

- Garage door... waiting for a totally new door... in fact we should be hearing from them any day now (YEAH RIGHT!)
- Furniture from Whitianga?  Have not heard from them AT ALL. Wankers.
- Pool Fence, as our property is fully fenced and no child can get into it without being 6 foot tall we do not need to fence the spa pool.  PLUS the pool comes with a lockable cover... so double safe.

I took my car to the Vehicle Testing Station this morning... drove in the WRONG WAY... everyone there was looking at me like I was a Prize Twit... well I was I suppose!  But I'd never been there before and got confused!  It can happen right?  lol

ABOVE:  serious cuteness going on here!  Would ya look at those chubby cheeks.. so kissable!

Absolute crap weather here today, so we piled into me car and went to Sylvia Park for lunch and a look-see.  Meet Stew and Jackie (my 'Auckland BF)... then we bought some new phones for the house.. Amanda and Steve made me buy the cheapest, nastiest pieces of shit phones... *sigh*...  there were no BLUE ones.  *sob*

I'm leaving them to install them.  God help them if I still can't hear on the new phones.  I wanted to get the ones that were better for people who can't hear well on the phone (like me).

The only consolation for being made to buy cheap and nasty phones... I can afford to get me some new winter boots!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

End of Day:  spent the evening playing cards with Steve and Amanda.. it was nice.
nite nite.


  1. Do you have to fence the spa pool like a swimming pool??

  2. OK forgive but WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GARAGE DOOR? Or are you pursuing legal remedies and can't talk about it? Or did I miss it? And the desk? Hope you are able to tie up all these loose ends soon friend!! :)

  3. Good morning. You're full of cuteness today between Telly Tubbies and Emily. *hehe*

    And you're going to need it..... rain, rain and more rain. I have to go to Mum's soon, over that darned hill again.


  4. Penny, NZ11:48 AM

    Good to see Steve introducing Emily to the computer! It is amazing how the generations have changed with the development of technology (and I am only 34!). The Tellytubbies clip really brought back memories - I remember seeing that video on one of those pop / rock music shows and I didn't know it was coming out as a children's programme - I was completely bamboozled by the randomness of it all, but it was quite catching, and those costumes look warm and snuggly on a day like today, if not practical... Stay warm Chris!

  5. Hugs! Hope the garage door people come through soon especially!!

  6. She is a little doll!
    Can't wait to see pictures of your pool spa!

  7. Anonymous2:20 PM

    damn garage door!!! how exciting about your spa, oooh it's going to be so good!

    love the pic of Steve with Emily, awww just so sweet!


  8. new winter boots!
    O man - does that mean that your winter gets cold enough for boots and snow???????
    I was telling Lynne this afternoon that after I posted about the snake and you said you did not have then. Of course I was pea green with envy . So then I wondered how are you on Spiders ?????

    OOOOO That baby picture with Uncle is priceless!

  9. I thought that Teletubbie vid was going to be funny. But it was cute [even though i can't stand them]. Have you seen the Australian version of the Teletubbies? Do a YouTube search for Totally Full Frontal - Telestubbies :o)

  10. My friends mum knitted the four teletubby dolls about 2 feet tall in all colours she is so clever, 14 years ago Samuel and his little friend loved them. RAIN man we have had RAIN and it's absolutely teeming down!!!!

  11. That was a nice post to read. Don't feel bad about pulling in the wrong way. Yesterday I was driving down the road and almost got into a head-on with a school bus that was coming full on down the wrong side of the street! The same place I got a speeding ticket is apparently the school bus/police care speedway.

  12. Good luck with the spa installation. Hope everything goes timely and smoothly. Hope the weather clears up for the weekend. Enjoy.

  13. Awww she has changed since the last visit! Little ones grow so fast!

    One time I had a little panic attack in the drive through car wash. Now that was embarrassing when someone had to come wave me on so I'd get out lol.


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