Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last night we played cards...

ABOVE:  the one holding the baby could do this with their card:

ABOVE:  she didn't seem to mind!  In reality he only did it once.. so dont' worry!  Baby was not being hurt... a dab of spit held the card there!

ABOVE:  her participation is becoming a regular thing in our games! 

ABOVE:  the only thing we don't let her do is get tiddly on tipple!  Breastmilk does not count as tipple.. more like ummm... nipple!  lol

Hopefully it's going to become a better day today... as it's still wet and super... like... 100% humid.  We are all over the humidity.


We bought a Dog Grooming set yesterday, and this morning I spent over 3 hours de-knoting, bathing, blow drying and shaving Coco... I still have to do Teddy!

ABOVE:  the grooming set...

ABOVE:  see how good she looks!

ABOVE:  only thing is... she's not that happy with me right now!  She won't come near me.. lol... and Teddy keeps looking at me from the corner of his eyes... trying to be invisible I reckon.... ha ha ha...

We have more visitors arriving shortly.... The 'other' Grandparents of our Grandson Joshua.  Joshua lives in Whitianga with his Mum and siblings.   These Grandparents live here in Auckland, and we have not seen them in a couple of years.

Apparently Ross... the Grandfather, has been fishing and he's bringing us fresh fish... oooo that will be lovely.

We have know Ross and Judith for years, they once lived in Whitianga too.  So they are not strangers at all.

End of Day:  well our visitors stayed for 4 hours... so that was a lovely visit and afternoon.
AND the fresh snapper was really delicious for dinner with home made wedges with sour cream! 
DIET: totally blew it.
nite nite.


  1. Hahahaha.... Looks like she is enjoying it too!
    Before long she will be joining in - and WINNING!
    have a great day!

  2. Have a great day, sun is trying to peep out here and not to hot. :-)

  3. Ha that is so dam friggin funny IT bought a smile to my very tired BEING!!!!

  4. Penny, NZ10:34 AM

    Looks like you had heaps of fun, and Emily seems to have enjoyed herself! My partner was impressed at how happy she looks, and also told me he knew a woman with hip (can't spell it) who discovered it in her twenties, ruining her dream of being a ballerina. As much as it looks tough, it is so good they caught it early, and it sounds as if her recovery is going well. Have a great Sunday! oh and I get it about the humidity, it sucks!

  5. love it... thats how our babies sit too and partake in the adult entertainment! :)

  6. ok what's tiddly and tipple? You gotta spill it lady!
    That baby is over the moon with her uncle.
    Looks like way to much fun around your place. I'll be right over.

  7. Haven't been on in a long time- the baby is beautiful!!!!!! I take some piddle pills as well- and when I forget my feet swell up and my toes look like sausages.
    Hope to be more consistent now that my math classes are almost over!

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAA - the babies are SO Precious.

    I know how much hard work it took to get those furbabies groomed because I used to be a groomer. They look Beauti-FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now swing on over and have a go at 8 more! LOL

  9. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Wee Emily looks JUST like her daddy!! How cute!! Little spit never hurt anyone! lol cute! Coco looks pretty good in her first home hair-due...debbie

  10. Emily is so cute and she always looks so happy!!!!

  11. That baby looks nice and happy lol.


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