Monday, February 21, 2011



ABOVE:  My overnight bag is packed, and I have Emily's Baby Bag all ready too.....

ABOVE:  PRETTY... I took this Macro photo using the new camera.

ABOVE: Coco.... looking adorable..

ABOVE:  a lovely photo  of Stew and the two dogs.... they always sit on him when he's home, never me.  *sniff*

ABOVE:  resident Junior Stud....

ABOVE:  my 'Main Man'

Today:  got quite a bit on my list of 'To Do'.... mostly hum drum shit.... and I am going to cross everything and hope Amanda goes into LABOUR today... she's had a few 'signs' things are about to start.... SO EXCITING.

ABOVE:  the new camera.  Chosen for it's High Definition video capabilities, it's high Megapixels and excellent zoom.  Obviously not for it's compactness... which is what I thought I wanted until I actually held a slim compact camera... nope, not for me!  I am too used to a chunky 'substantial' camera.  Oh well... nothing about me is 'compact' eh?   ha ha ha.


4% of babies get born on their 'DUE DATE'.....

ABOVE:  Meet Emily Drew O'B****, born this morning at 7.32am, weighing a healthy 7 pound 9 ounces...BANG ON HER DUE DATE!
I was there, it was wonderful.  Amanda did a fantastic job.  But right now she does not want another one!  lol

*SIGH*... I got a speeding ticket 5 minutes from the hospital... doing about 70km in a 60km zone.  BUGGER.  But at least I got there in time eh?  lol

ABOVE:  one more for today.  Emily and her Dad.  So cute.

Spent the afternoon on the couch trying to have a sleep... didn't happen. 
I spent hours on my feet last night at the hospital... and 3 hours driving there and back.. so I am quite tired.
Luckily Grandbabies only happen once in a while or we would be wrecks.

I better pull finger now and do something about dinner....

End of Day:  pork chops for dinner... Steve did them on the BBQ.  Hoping to get into bed early tonight.... sooo tired.
DIET: not bad, not good.
nite nite


  1. I'm very excited for you. I hope we get to see some great pictures of Emily soon taken with that new camera. I have been able to see 5 of my 7 grandkids born and it is really special.

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Crossing my fingers that the baby somes today!! actually tomorrow for me, but today for you! lol Like your camera! It takes nice photos!! Can't wait to see the new arrivals pictures! ...debbie

  3. Sounds like all our babies, they never want to come out and play!

  4. love the pics taken with new camera - they are very sharp specially the guys!

  5. Welcome to the world Miss Emily Drew O'B**** :o)!!!!! What wonderful news ... congratulations to all :o)!!!
    Joy ;o)

  6. Congrats :-) and glad you got there on time, and hell a speeding ticket a small price to pay to get there on time lol....

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  8. CONGRATULATIONS on becoming Grandma Again.

    Congratulations to the new Mum and Dad.

    I believe you will be in heaven for a while, enjoying the baby Enily, so have lots of fun.

  9. Anonymous12:27 PM

    far out. that's amazing, same day. Can't have been a long labour! She's gorgeous. Congratulations. Kayjay

  10. Right this time I'll get it right!

    Congratulations to you all on the wonderful new addition to your ever-expanding family... Hope you get to have lots of baby cuddles, delish!

  11. Yay well done Amanda and cute Emily nana you're a dag speeding much!!! but you got there, NICE pics of everyone too.

  12. Welcome little Emily! Sounds like it was quick if she was born at 7.15 today!

    Stuff the speeding ticket, well worth it!

    Hugs for everyone xxxxxx

    PS Love the new camera! You'll take some fantastic pics of the new baby with that little monster! xx

  13. wahoo well done amanda...what a cutie glad u made it chris how special is that :)

  14. Congratulations. She is just gorgeous. Like her Mum and Grandma!!!

  15. Yaaaaayyyy!

    Well done Amanda and good on you for making it there... AND a picture already - awesome!!

    PS: Corbin was born on his due date as well, although I was induced because 1) he was so big and 2) my advanced age....

  16. awesome pics, love the camera and Congratualtions on a beauty to add to the ranks of diet coke women! :)

  17. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is gorgeous. I am so glad you got there in time.

  18. Congratulations to you all. Glad it all went well. Couldn't you sweet talk the policeman to let you off the ticket???

  19. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Oooh congrats... well done. Cluck cluck cluck....

    Kate (kittie444)

  20. Congrats chick!! Thanks so much for sharing ... soooo beautiful!!

  21. Congratulations on the new addition to the family! She's beautiful :)

  22. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Chris, Congratulations she looks beautiful. Enjoy

  23. Congrats....very cute :)

  24. Congratulations to you all!! Waht a beautiful little girl:-)

  25. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Awwwww....welcome lil Emily...join the club - I'm another "due date" baby, we seriously are awesome people and you were almost born on my birthday (Friday) but you share the day with my seriously lovely friend Karyn too...congrats to you all Chris, love to you all. xxx Michele

  26. Beautiful baby! Congratulations!

  27. Congrats! She's gorgeous!

  28. Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little granddaughter - she is beautiful :)

  29. congratulation new grand daughter

    welcome baby Emily

  30. Ohhh and of course well done to DAD of Emily!!!!

  31. What wonderful news. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new grand baby. And very special that she was bought on her due date.

    I think you should contest the speeding fine. I got off one when I was racing my daughter to the hospital when she was little.

  32. Congrats on the Baby!
    I like the camera, mine is 20X optical zoom, and I keep the digital zoom off.
    Let me know if you have trouble keeping it steady at max zoom.
    Great pics too!

  33. Congratulations on becoming a Nana again - she is beautiful x

  34. OH CONGRATS!!!! She is beauutiful, Chris! Hope everyone is resting well and Emily can come home soon. :)

  35. Congratulations on the lovely new granddaughter! She is beautiful!

  36. Congratulations! What a sweet picture of Amanda and Emily.

    Forget the ticket. He should have been sympathetic and let you off with a warning - did you try to talk yourself out of it?

  37. Awww congrats!! I bet the ticket was worth being there!

  38. Wow, what awesome pictures! I looove the flower one. I've never seen anything like it. I love fancy cameras too but half the time I can't even figure out the right settings.


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