Wednesday, February 02, 2011


ABOVE: Cyclone Yasi bears down on Northern Queensland in Australia... and my thoughts go out to all who have had to leave their homes before it reaches land.  This cyclone is due to hit Australia today. 

As if they have not endured so much already this year... with severe flooding wrecking havoc recently.

Here in New Zealand we are hardly ever affected by such dreadful Cyclones, I am so thankful for that.

I think I will be glued to the news channel today so I know what's going on over there.

The rest of the time I shall be making sure the kid's last day before school is a nice one. I will take them out for lunch I think.


Griffin's Speld teacher just rang me... they are moving up North and so Griffin needs to find a new teacher.  BUT she warned me there is a long waiting list for Speld Teachers and we may have to wait a while to get 'in' again.   She was terribly sorry as she knows just how much Griffin NEEDS the specialist teaching.  DAMN!

The kids and I had a lovely lunch out, posted a shirt to Blondie that I had bought for her son (as, and have come home to enjoy the afternoon .... as much as one can with two bored kids in the house.

I've been watching the news all afternooon... apparently Cyclone Yasi is going to hit Northern Queensland late tonight.... the people who are in the direct path of it must be petrified!  It's the biggest cyclone to hit Australia in almost 100 years.  I will be on the computer first thing tomorrow morning to see what has happened.

End of Day:  yep it's early.... but nothing is happening here!  I've decided not to cook tonight...just don't feel like it!  So once Stew gets home we will decide what we will have in the takeaway variety.  Probably something like KFC as their chicken is super nice.
DIET: *sigh*
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Here on the coast in central queensland, you wouldn't even think there was a cyclone that size up north. It has not been very windy at all. The last bad cyclone we had in this town was in 1949 and they called it the devil's cyclone because it destroyed all the churches and left the pubs standing! WOMBAT

  2. I agree Chris - isn't this looking terrible? I really feel for everyone affected by this. We are lucky here but then, the weather patterns are changing so much who knows we could be in for this type of weather in the future.

  3. My heart goes out, also, to all of the people who have been affected by the floods, as well as, this new development. I'm glad you are not close to it.

    The midwest killer storms have been reduced from 12-16 inches to 2-3 inches of snow, if we even get any. It's been sleeting for about 8 hours, which makes driving a little dicey. Snow Day in St. Louis!

    Take care,

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    That thing looks HUGE! Why is it called a Cyclone instead of a Hurricane? Wonder what the difference is? if any...debbie
    Happy last day of vacation for the kids!

  5. My thoughts are with them all as well
    Sorry to hear about griffens speld bugga
    Have a nice last day with the kids

  6. Best not to ask why we have cyclones in the pacific but that's what we call them.

    Chris I'm very sad for griffin. It's a shame you didn't get ore warning. This is a great big hole in our education system. Pity the teachers who are moaning about pay rates don't realise hwere the REAL money is and do SPELD training.

  7. And the SPELD teacher didn't think to let you know BEFORE school was due to start!?!?!??

  8. We have record breaking cold, but that is better than a cyclone. I will also be thinking about those who have already been through so much.

  9. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I hear ya with the *sigh* with dinner... I caved to a 5 year old and we had nachos... well I tried to but have been sick the last few days so didn't think nachos was wise!!

    Hang in there... life will get back to normal soon!! Cross fingers for the Aussies tonight.

    Kate (kittie444)

  10. I hope the kids last day was pleasant, I do hope Nth Queensland bears up under the cyclone the weather has been shocking.

  11. My thoughts are with them, I posted about the same thing!

  12. That storm looks huge! I hope everyone gets through that okay.

    Rats about the SPELD teacher. Maybe you will luck out and get "in" quickly with a new one! I will keep my fingers crossed.

  13. I've been thinking a lot about everyone in Australia and New Zealand regarding the cyclone. Praying everyone stays safe.

  14. What is going on with Mother Nature? A big cyclone in Oz and one of the biggest snow storm in US history in the same week.


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