Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yes!  There are some benefits to having a grown-up son move home!
I don't have to do so much .... all I have to do is ask 'Junior His Nibs' and he does it... lol!

 ABOVE: yesterday afternoon Steve put up the shade sail on the morning patio, so we can sit out there without the sun glaring in our faces... and it also acts as a privacy screen too.   Now that the horrid tree is gone it was needed. 

ABOVE:  score!  Now all I have to do is get the tree clippings in the bin and waterblast the concrete and it will be all nice and TIDY again. 

TODAY:  not sure... maybe if my back is feeling OK Steve and I can go out and about. 

Whatever we do... it will be lovely to have some company again during the day.

ABOVE: yesterday at the Hospice Shop I also saw and bought a really funky, chunky 'bangle'... which I thought I'd give to one of the girls... but Steve saw it and claimed it immediately.  I thought it had a dragon on it... but would you BELIEVE IT... it actually has a Griffin on it!  In case you don't know, a Griffin is a mythological creature, with the head of an Eagle, body of a lion and wings.  How amazing that I should find it and not even realise it was that!  AND... it cost $1.

WHOOPS! I obviously forgot to come back here.... Steve and I went out, I bought some fabric for a Baby Bag that I'm making for a girl in Wellington... we had morning tea in Sylvia Park mall... had a look around the shops... came home.... fell asleep.... read and commented on a  few blogs.. and NOW:

getting ready to make dinner then go to Weight Watchers, where I expect ANOTHER bloody gain!
NO EXERCISE... none whatsoever...and still eating a bit too much.  *sigh*.
I will get on top of it all... and introduce a lot more exercise once my back is 100% better again.
Steve being here is going to be extra motivation, he's going to drag me out walking after dinner most days hopefully!

End of Day:  I was tempted to not go to WW this evening...or go but not weigh in... but I went and I weighed in... and I GAINED .500 grms.  *sigh*... could have been worse I suppose.
I will do better next time... hopefully I will get some exercise in the next few days eh?
nite nite.


  1. Whatever you do enjoy :-)

  2. Have an awesome day with steve chris and nice find on the bracelet

  3. Thats a cool bracelet bangle wrist thing, Samuel was like ohhhhhhhhh I like that You could have transplanted that other bush that refuses to die in where the bush you just cut out was? seen it wants to go forth and multiply!

  4. hunky son you got there and his arm looks great with that big "bangle" on it.

  5. Always great to have some muscle around to help around the house :o) I love when our kids are home to visit and wish that we lived nearer!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thanks so much for popping over and commenting on my intro post :o) ....and glad to hear that you machine is working great now :o) I would love one of the new Bernina models with all fancy stuff...but they are sooo expensive!

  6. Notice how Griffin helps too? How sweet. Now you have 2 helpers.

  7. We have the same shade sail!
    I was thinking, how about if I come move in with you too? I can be your other little helper!

  8. Hope your back feels better soon!

  9. Its great to have help. Sorry to hear about the gain. Keep strong you can do it. Hope the back clears up soon.

  10. Cool bracelet! I missed where Steve moved home, had to hit MAR on my google reader the other day it was getting out of hand.

  11. I hope my kids are that helpful when they grow up. Heck, I would be happy if they visited more than once a year.


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