Monday, February 14, 2011


With my recent facination with fashion necklaces and earrings, which I blame fully on Christy Ann who gave me that gorgeous blue necklace a while ago....I have managed to collect quite a few ... and I needed something to hang 'em on...  and yesterday I found just the thing :

ABOVE:  see?  It's an old candle holder, that refuses to hold candles!  It's been sitting in a corner gathering dust so I'm rather happy with it now!  AND the best thing ever... I've got ANOTHER one doing diddly squat too, so I've got room for MORE.  hee hee.

TODAY:  *sigh*  ... got a lady from Special Education Services coming this morning to discuss Brylee and HER plans for getting Brylee on 'the right track' this year.  What FUN. 
I think I will be having a very similar conversation with her that I had with the school lady last week somehow.

AFTER that I will be doing the housework.... as long as my back is not still as painful as it was yesterday.  My god, I could hardly move by the afternoon!  Even breathing hurt. 

Isn't it Valentine's Day?  Oh well... love ya Stewy.... don't need a 'special' day to tell ya eh?


I'm off to the doctor.   I couldn't get out of bed this morning... I can't move without intense pain in my lower back... I can't even look down!  Brylee had to help me get dressed... she was a bit alarmed at having to put my knickers on me!  lol

Yaaa for doctors and their prescription pads:

ABOVE:   oooo they have helped immensely already!  The pain is not gone, but is certainly has taken the worse of it away.
Seems I should NOT be moving furniture and exercise equipment on my own.  *sigh*.... lesson finally learnt.  

The doctor is quite sure I have done some muscular damage that will get better in the next few days... my god he better be right.  I'd rather have a baby than that pain again!

The SES lady arrived on time, and to my surprise we had a very good meeting.  She took on board my concerns, how I felt railroaded into taking certain steps that I was not comfortable with... and we agreed on some things, and not on others.  All's good... I feel confident Brylee will have a much better year at school now.  *fingers crossed*

Off to sit in me lazy boy chair and do NOTHING... on doctors orders!  I usually do masses of housework on a Monday ... but not today!  There is nothing like being ordered NOT to vacum!  lol

ABOVE:  the other thing I really wanted to do either today or tomorrow was CHOP DOWN THIS BLOODY TREE!  It's getting too big and it is constantly dropping either leaves or flower petals or hard little seed pods... It's a shitty tree and it's going.

Brylee had a lovely wee girl home for a play date this afternoon.  For the first time ever it went sooooo well...there was no bitchy-ness... Griffin behaved (I bribed him)... and the girls got on really well.   They all had a swim then I took the girls downstairs and they sewed a heart cushion .... Claire got her's finished so she could take it home for her Mum... and Brylee is going to finish her's a bit later today when I've had a bit of a rest.

I am just so happy it was a lovely girly visit... and I hope we can do more... cos it will be so nice for Brylee.

I will put up a couple of photos of the girls sewing tomorrow. 

Stew just got home early.... he came home to help me out as I'm kinda incapacitated.  OOO he's going to chop down that tree!   Off to watch...


GONE.  Well... except for the stump, which his nibs will take out on the weekend.   Yaaa... no more mess from that tree.

End of Day:  a painful day... but bearable once the pills kicked in.  I'm sleeping in the lounge chair tonight ... the Dr said it would help keep me comfortable... rather than lying down.  Suits me!  Hopefully I'll get some sleep. 
DIET: spot on
nite nite


  1. someone needs a trip to the physio or chiro. Good luck! I hope it settles down soon hon xx

  2. Oh, sorry about the back Chris. The pain can be really bad, not to mention the difficulty getting around. Fingers X'ed for you that it gets better soon.

  3. Hope all goes well at the Doctors. I had to laugh at the comment about Brylee having to put your knickers on.

  4. Ouch. Hope the dr helps x

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Ha!! That's funny.... NO I mean... You poor thing.... hope it gets better!

    You've given ME and idea now about my necklaces.. ta!

    Will check in later to see how you got on.

    Kate (kittie444)

  6. Oh don't blame me...!!! LOL!

    I might one day post about all of my jewellery and how I store it... you will be utterly gobsmacked at the amount I have...! xxx

  7. Chris, Listen to your Doctor, do not do anything for a few days, no bending lifting nothing. I don't want to scare you but 2 years ago I moved 4 very heavy moran recliners with my husband from one room to the next, within 3 days I had back pain, it just got worse because I did not rest it, now 2 years later I have to use a walking stick, am in constant pain, I can hardly walk.

    Please take it easy, Hope you will be better very soon.

    I know it will be hard for you because you are such an active person.

  8. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Don't overdo it while you are doped up or you will do more damage. I strained my back last year and then it spread around my side. Never had such pain in my life! (I have'nt had the pleasure of childbirth)Toilet time was fun. Couldn't reach the nooks and crannies! WOMBAT

  9. Oh no you poor thing! Hope it gets better soon xx

  10. I am glad Brylee had a nice time with her friend. If she can make friends then it does make the whole school thing easier for her & maybe will stop her from acting up like she has been, she will be happier at school too.

    Have you thought about running a kids crafting program in the school holidays or after school?

  11. Ouch. Poor you. Big hug... well maybe not.. might hurt ah.

    Take care and do as you're told Chris... if that's possible xx

  12. Ouchies about the back AND yes DO rest up or you will have more than a sore back! I love the candelabra idea I watched a programme the other night where there were pearl necklaces draped over candlestick holders very swanky!

  13. Have a good rest Chris and DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!! x

  14. Happy Valentines Day!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  15. that look like a LOT of pills!!! wow. be careful not to drive while taking them chris.
    hope you feel better least you can still blog!

  16. I hurt my back too a while ago moving furniture. I was lucky I recovered but the pain was horrid. I felt like I was rocked in death's cradle. Take care and no housework till you're completely healed.

  17. Hope you are feeling better soon. Back pain is the worst. Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

  18. You have to love doctors who order you not to vacuum! Hope you are feeling MUCH better soon!

  19. Sorry this is a late response, Chris. I'm behind on reading blogs. So sorry that your back is giving you what the doctor says! I've had a herniated disk in my back for years and finally learned - after many an episode of not being able to walk or do anything at all - to do things just like the doc orders. Back pain is the worst! Hope you're feeling much better soon!




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