Monday, February 07, 2011


Someone yesterday said I should make myself something for a change!

Well funnily enough I was right in the middle of doing just that.

I was sick of having my needles here, there and everywhere in my sewing desk and organiser... and I'd thought of making some sort of needle holder for ages.  So yesterday afternoon I did just that:

 ABOVE:   folded for storage....

 ABOVE:  and open.   I do believe I have A LOT of needles!  And does anyone know how I can keep the scissors from falling out the top? 

 ABOVE:  these are the gorgeous sea shell pasta (all the way from Italy no less) that we bought from NOSH on Saturday.

ABOVE:  they look gorgeous, cost a bomb... and .... not worth the extra cost really.   I cooked them up last night, added a Cabonara sauce, bacon/ham/mushroom and cheese... and it could have been ANY PASTA at all.  *sigh*... but they are still cute.  Just won't be buying them again.

It's the first full week back at school for the kids.  I am undecided yet on whether I will go back to patchwork class this term.  It's such a CHORE packing everything up to take to class!  I am just as happy at home now. 

Still, it's not until tomorrow so I can think about it some more.

I've got a 9am meeting the the Special Needs Co-ordinator at the school today... I just want to touch base with her and express my concerns with both the kids this year.

ONWARD... I'm feeling sick again... it's NERVES.  How silly, you would think by now I would be used to having meetings with School people???  Off to said meeting ....

LYNDA:  since you asked, here is my pin holder:

ABOVE:  I love it... the wee knob comes off to allow you to put needles in the side too... but I never do.  I must have bought this pin cushion in 2000 as it's got that date on the back.  It's made from New Zealand Kauri....  I can't think why I bought it way back then though,  as I hated sewing up until about 3 years ago!  Weird.  It must have caught me fancy at the time!   lol

I'm back from the meeting obviously.  I THINK it went well!  I was fine once I got started... I just wanted to point out my concerns about both kids and how the school is handling them.  The 'new' lady was looking a bit 'steamrolled' once I was finished!  Oh well... some things needed to be said.  So I said them.  SIMPLE EH?

Did you know that it is 75% easier to jump in the shower with your dog to bath it than run a bath?  Take it from me, it is!  Two dogs much cleaner now.  Me?  Hot and bothered.  Not clean.  Need a shower myself!

Kids had a friend over after school... which was nice.  Met the grandmother of the kid, she's a neighbour... lovely lady.

Dinner is lamb chops with mint  sauce gravy... smells delish!

End of Day: and it's been a nice evening... which I spent watching the telly while clipping the dogs some more.  I think they look rather hideous, but at least I saved a lot of money!   Maybe I will get better with practise. *sigh*
DIET: ooops, just ate chocolate.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Yep I've bought those before and they DO cost a bomb but if you stuff them with filling and bake them in sauce they are yum and look pretty flash too....

    Although I remember the last lot I got (not that brand but in a smaller box) they had WORMS in them!! They tunnelled right into the pasta... gross....

    Have a good day - I am just delaying going to work but should get dressed at least.

    Kate (kittie444)

  2. Good luck with the meeting. That pasta looks lovely but to me pasta is pasta lol..... I don't eat much of it.

  3. I think you may have created another item that could sell like hotcakes with that needle holder. Very handy and creative.

  4. I cook those shells then stuff them with ricotta and spinach (also add some parmesan, egg to bind, and bread crumbs--sometimes cubes of mozarella) and bake them in the oven in a tomato based sauce. They look and taste fab that way as Kate says.

    For the scissors, maybe velcro tabs around the handle?

  5. Did ya hear about the two quilters.....
    they said "Ya know, we've got to stop sharing needles like this!"

  6. Hi Chris, awesome wee holder. I made something like that a number of years ago and I used a velcro strip through the handles of the scissors to secure them, yes you have to use both hands to pull them out, but after I had stabbed my toe with them falling out, thought it was worth the extra effort.

    Lots has happened here, we have a full house - 7 to be exact. Karlee and the kids have moved down here and they are staying with us in the short term. Oh, and then I get made redundant last, you know anyone down here wanting an administrator - ideally part time, but will consider anything really.

    Hope the meeting at school goes okay. Talk to you soon.

  7. That is "cute as a button." Hugs to you as you wait for that new baby!! :)

  8. Could the scissors be on an angle so that the handle faces towards the fold when folded? Then they would not fall out.. sorry, all I've got :)

    Where do you keep pins while sewing? Do you use a pin cushion? I made one for myself when I was about 8 and still use it, the handiest thing ever :)

  9. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Your needle holder is just great!! You could make them and sell them!! Think of all the sewers out there that have the same problem! You may become a millionair!! Loop a small bit of fabric thru the handle holes, and put hook and eye to keep it there! Good luck with your meeting...and don't be nervous! ...debbie

  10. For the scissors, maybe you could sew a piece of Velcro onto the top, across them or above them?

  11. Hope the meeting goes well!!

  12. Good luck with the meeting, I am sure it will go well.

    To keep the scissors from falling out of the top, what about a wee strip of fabric & a dome through the handle of the scissors?

  13. Glad to hear the meeting went well, you must feel heaps better now that you were able to get your concerns out in the open.

    Too bad if the teacher felt railroaded, she needed to know so she can better understand what is going on and doesn't carry on the way she was, thinking everything was OK.

    Love your needle holder, I agree with Lynda about the scissors - on an angle.

  14. I was going to suggest re the scissors that you put some sort of domed flap over one of the handles - probably not explaining that well - but a little strip that starts off on the main part of our holder and goes over a scissor handle then domes back down onto the main part of your holder.

    Well done on going to the meeting with the school - fingers crossed that they put some proactive plans in place to help the kids this year.

  15. Pleased you feel the meeting went well:-)

  16. Your needle holder is fantastic! Maybe a velcro strap for the scissors???

    And I've never seen a pin cushion like that. It's nice that it's stable and has a flat surface.

    Glad the meeting went well. I always say the squeaky wheel gets oiled when it comes to school

    Cheers, jj

  17. I'm glad to hear the meeting went well.

    Funny you mention taking the dogs in the shower with you. Lately I've been doing that with Kona. It's been too chilly to bath him in the cold water outside...but an 88lb. golden in the shower makes it a bit crowded.

  18. as I hated sewing up until about 3 years ago! Weird. It must have caught me fancy at the time!

    I got a kick out of your experience because ten years before I started sewing I found a tee shirt at a yard sale that said, "Life is a STITCH". I carried it home and put it in the closet -UNTIL - the miracle that enabled me to learn to sew -ten years later.

    There used to be a saying, Throw your heart over and the rest will follow. Maybe that was what you and I both were doing? :)

    I too, Love your needle holder and it looks like a lot of gals share the same "hints" -so I guess that means , "Great minds think alike"! LOL

    Keep up the great work!

  19. That's such a cute sewing caddy!!! I reckon if you stitch the middle of a length of ribbon up between the handles of the scissors you could just pull it through the holes and tie a bow. Easy peasy :o).
    Joy :o)

  20. ROLFLMFAO you ask me for sewing advice hahahahahhaha how to hold scissors in umm I duuno know!!! Now pasta advice I know the above recipe with ricotta and breadcrumbs etc I have tried very nice indeed!!!

  21. Seems like a pretty good deal to me, one Bomb for one bag of pasta!
    Great idea! Making something for yourself, wish I'da thunk of suggesting it!
    And that pincushion is cool!

  22. You always make the cutest things. That needle holder is wonderful. Sorry - no help with the scissors though.

    Hope the meeting at the school went well. Get those kids the help they need.

  23. What if you put a piece of velcro you could loop through the top of the scissors?

  24. Those are pretty shells. Why can't we find shells like that on our beach. The ones we find are always broken.


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