Thursday, July 28, 2016


So today... I have NOTHING ON!

I'm going to enjoy just pottering around the house... doing odd jobs.

My car's interior is an utter tip, so I think I'll give that a clean today.  It's rather nice to be doing normal things again, as opposed to unpacking/sorting/re-arranging and so on.

ABOVE:  The girls curled up on my blankie last night.  It only lasted a moment, then I shoo'ed them off.  It's not their blankie after all!

Poor Tallulah was shorn quite short, so she's feeling the cold.  Ain't they lucky they are inside dogs.

Ac...tually, I might go into Hamilton.  There's a couple of little things I'd like to get from Dave's Emporium... if I can find the shop!  It's moved from where it was 15 years ago.  Funny that.  And I might just look for a couple of new music CD's and DVD's.

Yeah... we all know how much I love shopping... so I shall shop first.  And clean later.  Excellent idea.


2.10 pm:  and I'm home from Hamilton.
I didn't get what I really wanted today, so will have another look on the weekend no doubt.

I ran into my Son-in-Law, Andrew, at the Base.
He's in the process of changing his job location, and also what he sells.

He used to be at Flight Centre, but now he's across the road, still with the same company ... but selling:

ABOVE:  Cruises.  I hope it goes well.

While there, I had lunch with him and Amanda.  She was coming in to have lunch with Andrew, so I just joined them.

ABOVE:  After lunch I had a quick nosey at the new office, then came home. 

Almost time to clean me car.  Oh yaaa.  *smiles*

9.44 pm:  Rest of the day was spent doing a few jobs, cooking dinner (spag bol) and then watching some mindless TV.

Stew is cutting a bit of wood for me... another little job.  I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. Shop first, clean later - maybe! Love your ideas.

    1. Are you issuing invites to read your blog????

    2. Nothing to read. Its just my ramblings. Trying to sort my life out. I will let you know if/when I decide to let the world in on my craziness!!!

  2. Cruiseabout is one of my favourite companies ..... they very kindly sent me on a lovely 9 night cruise of the South Pacific a couple of years ago after I won a Facebook competition they were running. We are totally hooked on cruising now! (I was sooooooo anti boats, ships and cruiseliners until then!)

    1. How Lucky! I would love to win a cruise too, wouldn't that be awesome.

  3. Love the place for your doggies. I wish mine would sleep in their beds. They love our bed and it is getting a bit crowded. Plus they snore!!

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    boy a cruise right about now sounds lovely we have had wild weather here cold frosty warm muggy windy rainy sunny crazy crazy. Its me Blondie


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