Friday, July 22, 2016


Well... OK.... Just gimme some more power points!
Seriously, this house has one failing.... it's got bugger all power points!

So, at 8 am this morning there's some electricians coming to put more in.  And there's a few other things lined up for them too, like put lights above the kitchen sink.

Not that I spend much time there, but in the evenings it would be nice to actually see what you are doing there!  Right now, the lights are behind you, so you are working in shadow.

It's not very good.   

Also, Brylee's lights don't go in her bedroom, and the light switch in the garage is almost hanging off the wall.

So, after today, all of that should be done/fixed.

Hopefully that doesn't take all day, as we would like to go into Hamilton and return a couple of things that we bought recently that are faulty.

Oh and before that, Stew has a Doctors appointment.  I'm making sure he doesn't run out of medications like I did, he's going before that happens.

I bought something on Trademe last night ... something I thought the grandkids would like...

ABOVE:  I think the kids are going to LOVE playing in this, and I have the perfect place in the garden to put it.
Now I just have to get a few little things to put inside it... small table and chairs, tea set, pots and so on.  Maybe a bean bag?  It's going to be fun setting it up for them.

Right, I better get moving, the Electricians are due here soon.


2.25 pm: and we have been killing time while the electricians are here. They arrived at 8 am.... and they are still here. *sigh*.  Hopefully they will be finished soon so we can go out and do a few jobs.

3.50 pm:  Very frustrated now.  It looks like all we wanted to get done today in Hamilton will have to wait.
The electricians are STILL HERE.  One of them has had to leave to go to the KFC in Te Awamutu to fix something there, so more delay.

10.45 pm:  We finally got to head out of the house at about 4.45 pm!
Which was fine as we got to return the things that were faulty (solar lights and door guard).
We then had some dinner at Te Awa mall and came home.
We will go back tomorrow to do the other things we had planned for today.


  1. Oh I love it!!! they will have so much fun in it. And you will have so much fun decorating it.

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    That is awesome, I think you're going to have fun decorating it. You could sew some little bean bag chairs for it. I can wait to see it set up. Have a great day.

  3. how cool OH and put toadstools around it POTTERY ones! made by you of course.Power points you are so right and at least now you get to add where exactly you want them.

  4. I love the round door--like a Hobbit house.

    1. It is called The HOBBIT Playhouse! Too funny.

  5. Maybe the dogs could sleep in it at night haha.

    I hope that electrician is bringing back some chicken and potato & gravy for you all :-)

  6. Oh I want to come and play at your house .... The HOBBIT playhouse looks like it will be so much fun! Hopefully the electricians finish up your job tonight so you don't have to put another day on hold for them next week.

  7. I'm sure the wait will be worth it. As its a new house you would have thought that there would have been lots of power points.
    My Son was in a new rental that was built to a price and there was 1 power point in the kitchen that free after the fridge and microwave were plugged into their respective places !

  8. Rhonda12:56 AM

    Very frustrating waiting! In perspective though I suppose the long wait in selling your house and your frustration and dismay with the time and effort it took only represents the small inconvenience in not being able to do what you had planned today. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Hope you get it all sorted.

  9. The playhouse looks nice, but it looks like it would be dark inside...
    I have a couple of jobs for an electrician too.....
    Have a great weekend!

  10. This looks like fun. Can I be a kid too? :-)

  11. This looks like fun. Can I be a kid too? :-)


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