Monday, July 11, 2016


After our efforts this weekend, almost all of the jobs/tasks that had to be done around here are done!

I think the only big job left is to install the attic ladder in the garage ceiling, and we can't do that until we get the ladder.

That is a big annoyance, as Stew rang around various Bunnings branches yesterday and he found Hamilton DO have several, and other branches have them too.   He is livid.

To add insult to injury, we found a Mitre 10 MEGA here in Cambridge yesterday ... and they have the exact attic ladder we want too.  Grrrr.  From now on we will be going to our local Mitre 10!

We got a couple of larger plants while at the Mitre 10 and a cool wind thingee for the garden too.

When we got home from there, we went out into the garden to plant the two bigger plants... and I remembered that the previous owners had told us there was rhubarb growing in the corner behind the two big olive trees.

So I went hunting.

No Rhubarb.  But I found two little pumpkins!

 ABOVE: See?  Pumpkins.  We don't like pumpkins, so they can just stay there till Bex takes them home.
Anyway... as I was getting out from behind the olive trees, I looked up...

ABOVE:  Bugger me!  There's a pumpkin in the freakin' tree!  Like... the vine has grown up into the tree... so... my Olive Tree grows pumpkins!



We shall be having a little birthday dinner for her tonight.

Now... I'm off to get some washing on, and tidy up after the weekend.


12.48 pm:  This morning was spent shopping.  And dropping a big double door cabinet down to the Hospice Shop.
Can't quite believe we found more to take down there!

We also went to Mitre 10 and bought fence stain and a big paint brush to paint the new fence with.

Then we came home.

 ABOVE: Grandma and Granddad got Keera some new clothes, so she has some here when she visits.

 ABOVE: Keera playing with her new doll trolley.  It sings 'Let it Go' when you press the button.  One could get very tired of that song, very fast!  lol

 ABOVE:  "How old are you now Keera?"  FOUR!

After sorting out the birthday stuff, I re-arranged some things in the kitchen AGAIN.
I'm hoping I've now got things in their permanent place.  

But knowing me, I will move shit again...

ABOVE:  For now... the family can tell where things are from the stick-it's! ha ha ha

9.21 pm:  And we have had a lovely Birthday dinner for Keera.  Lots of noise and food.  Visitors have now left and Keera's in bed.  We are watching some TV before bed.
Tomorrow Lacy and Keera go home and I can get back to fluffing around here getting everything ship shape again.


  1. Ha ha ... that is so funny seeing a pumpkin growing in the olive tree. You should consider sending a photo to either the That's Life or Lucky Break magazine ... you might score yourself a $50 prize for the quirky photo. Happy 4th birthday to Keera ☺

  2. Haha that's funny about the pumkin never seen that before.
    Happy birthday keera omg 4!!!! hope you have a awsome day.

  3. Happy birthday miss four!!! Great pics Chris, glad you are settling in well

  4. Let it go, let it go!!

    Happy Birthday to Miss Keera, she is looking ever such a cutie :-)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Happy birthday Keera, Chris and Stew you both have a beautiful home and wonderful children. Hope you and your family have wonderful relaxing night.

  7. Anonymous9:06 PM

    4 gosh that sure has flown by have a wonderful day/night birthday Keera. Olive pumpkin tree whatever next lol. I am so pleased you are nearing the end of your list of jobs, anymore quilting class visits? Bet the chickens didn't visit over the weekend. It's me Blondie

  8. I missed today's quilting class as Lacy and Keera are here. I also missed WW tonight for same reason.

  9. 4 already! Time sure flies by quick!


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