Saturday, July 16, 2016


Today, all going well, we are going on a little road trip to Tirau.

It's just a little town about half an hour south of Cambridge.  It's kinda a 'through' town... you have to drive through it to get north or south on the main state highway.

It's got a few funky shops, some outright 'tourist' souvenir shops and eateries.

Hopefully the weather plays nice and we can go.  

Other than that, it is going to be a fairly quiet weekend.  No big jobs to be done except the attic stairs, and that's been put off till next weekend at least.

I'm looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying the new house.  

So, that's my day sorted.  I hope you are all going to have a neat weekend too.

ONWARD...  4.14 pm:  and we are finally home from our little trip.
Tirau hasn't changed much since we were last there.  We had a lovely walk all along the main shopping street, then had lunch in a lovely Cafe/bar.

Apparently we were seen by a Chick who I know from Auckland... they were on their way to Rotorua for the weekend. "Hi Kate" ... lol.

ABOVE:  By far ... this is the shop we both love the most in Tirau!  There is another, more 'masculine' themed shop just up the road by Notting Hill as well.  It was very nice too.

 ABOVE:  We admired this recycled glass jar... did we?

AND... OMG!  We are in trouble now... cos that shop has...

 ABOVE:  Polish Pottery!!!  They have the biggest selection I have ever seen in New Zealand.

I couldn't resist...

ABOVE:  I bought two LITTLE pieces.  Cos, well... they are adorable.

 ABOVE:  in this shop up the road, these two girls were bored silly... but having fun.  They were really cute.

 ABOVE:  Lunch.  Far too much to eat.  Brylee and I left most of the chips, and I didn't eat even half my burger.  The meat pattie was mega peppery, and I can't stand pepper.  
Never mind... it was nice on the whole.

SO... did we?

ABOVE:  Yeah... we did.  *smiles*
Far too nice to leave in the shop.  edit: it might not stay there, but for now, it was the best place to put it.

After we left Tirau, we went into Hamilton and got some small door mats for the house, LOTTO, and some small cakes.

CAKES... cos we are going to the Street Mid Winter Christmas Party tonight!
It's an annual affair, where everyone on our street and the one side street off it, get together.  
We are really looking forward to it.  It's a chance to meet more of the neighbours.  And a night out where we can drink and just walk home again.  *smiles*

Stew is outside right now, cleaning my car.  He felt guilty cos his car got a clean this past week, so he thought he should do mine.  
Steve, that means the stuff you wrote on the back will be gone.  Such a shame everyone now can't read "We ♥ STEVE".   ha ha ha!

12.00 midnight:  We just got home from the street Mid Winter Christmas Party.  More on that tomorrow.


  1. I love Tirua - such a cool little place. Lots for you to buy there with the little arty shops!! Have fun :)

  2. I mentioned to Gary you were going to Tirau because you lived so close and suggested that I might come visit you one day and pop down to Tirau - he said I had to leave his credit card at home, how rude :-). Hope you had a lovely day and found lots of bargains.

    1. You jolly well should come down, stay the night, and shop till you drop... WITH HIS CREDIT CARD!

    2. Once I have a few of the bills under control you are on :-). Girls weekend shopping trip!!

  3. Oh I love that Jar!!

  4. So funny seeing you guys...the first people I caught sight of going up the street. Bit colder down this way...I think i underestimated the warm clothing!!

  5. I am glad you got the jar thing - it's really lovely!

  6. I love the way the sun shines through the blue glass

  7. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Oh dear lord look out Tirau polish pottery!!! funny I love the blue jar very you..... Hope you enjoy the street party. Its me Blondie


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