Saturday, July 30, 2016


Well... I was expecting the previous owners to come today and remove the trees and camelias... but I've not heard from them.
So our plans are up in the air.   I suppose we could go out as they don't need to get in the house!

But we will wait and see.  

 Yesterday afternoon I spent a good hour and a half doing a right shitty job, anyone who is a sewer will relate:

ABOVE:  Getting all the cotton threads out of the castors of my chair!  It really is a shitty job.

But it's done now, till next year when they will look like that again.

So, what to do today?  I might just make my '28' to hang on the front fence.  I want a nice BIG number out the front, cos the number on our letterbox is tiny.  I found some reflective tape to use too... so it can be seen in the dark.

Our solar lights were duds... so I need something to show where our driveway is in the dark!

Though I must admit, I am getting used to knowing where our driveway is now.  *smiles*

But I still want me number hanging out the front.  On a pole.  Similar, but not as flash, as this:

ABOVE:  Quite nice, but I will be doing ours a bit different than that.  It's still in the planning stage really.  I keep changing my mind on how to do it.  Grrrr.

Right, enough dithering... time to get moving.  Get some washing on, bla bla bla.


3.56 pm:  Well... we went into Hamilton and got a few things from Bunnings (the Hamilton Store is nice), bought Brylee a new school bag (don't they just ruin them so fast!), had lunch then came home... but not before stopping into Mitre 10 for a post and bolts to hang me street number from.

 ABOVE:  This is the doo-dacky that will be on the post, and it will have the numbers hanging off it.

It sounds like the previous owners will be here next weekend to take the trees and camelias.

Lacy was supposed to be here with Keera for the night, but because we were out, she took her back to Tauranga for the night.  So we don't get to hang out with our Miss Muppet.

Like I was anyway.  I'm off into Hamilton early this evening to babysit for Amanda and Andrew.
As I now have a thumping headache, I hope the kids ain't too noisy!

I better take a panadol or two I think.

12.12 am:  Home and ready for bed.  I only ended up looking after Emily and Liam, as Huston and Joel went to Russell's for the night.


  1. Maybe I had better check my chair, it's been a while since it was done

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Those cotton threads are worse than those blardy vaccum cleaner brush head things I hate those too! I know this will sound naff but I bought a Kathmandu bag/pack thing for Samuel in yr 9 it lasted all the way to year 13 and beyond and did all the school trips camps stay overs etc best $100 I spent it was $200! rugged sturdy and very hard wearing, cause at $30-$40 a pop per bag it soons adds up or more if you buying branded bags etc. Nice gate doo hickey. It's me Blondie.

  3. Love that address sign!


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