Wednesday, July 06, 2016


A while ago now, my Mum sent me three cute little placemats... which I hung on my sewing room wall last night:

 ABOVE:  Far too cute to use as placemats!  
And they are so 'me'!

When I was at the fabric shop yesterday, I showed the owner a photo (off me blog) of my sewing room.  She literally squealed!  She said it looked amazing!  She said I obviously collected fabric!

How true!  My thinking is, buy it now while I still can, cos one day we won't have the money for me to just buy whatever takes my fancy!
And by then, I will have a really good 'stash' to keep using.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Next... see that little pile of things?  That's all I have left to find a place for!
And maybe I won't, and they can go into storage and come out in a year or two when I'm sick of something already on a wall.  
Though I'm pretty sure I want to put the anchor SOMEWHERE now.

 ABOVE:  I found the perfect place for the tea wagon.  It's not cluttering up the TV corner now.

ABOVE:  The TV corner now.  Not too cluttered.
I moved the cow painting down and to the right a bit last night (after I had taken this photo).  See, it's the small things that I am doing now!

It's called TITIVATING.  I love titivating!  hee hee.

Right, I'm off to do more stuff around here.
Stew's been in Auckland for two days, he is due home late this afternoon.


11 am:  And I've been doing bits 'n' bobs around the house.
I'm not sure if you have seen the 'entire' Kitchen/Dining/Family room yet... so I took some more photos so you can get an idea of the size...

ABOVE:  as you can see, there's quite a lot of furniture in this big room, and that is why I'm trying not to clutter it up.

The only other thing to go in here will be the carpet rug under the family room end.

Another 'finish'...

ABOVE:  I got the painting up above our bed.  It used to be in Brylee's room, but it kinda 'goes' where it is now.

ABOVE:  I spent some time putting flowers in this corner.  I need to find a shell to put in the corner, somewhere along the line it lost one.

ABOVE:  I finally found the 'right' place to hang my scarves.  Between our walk-in-wardrobe and our ensuite.

It's time to take a break... and contemplate the next job.  

1.58 pm:  I've just had another electrician come in to price up putting more power points in and lights above the kitchen sink.

He was lovely, and we spent a good half an hour yakking about the area, our home and so on.

Now that I've sat down, I'm cold!  So I've got me blankie over my knees!  But I will be on the move again shortly, I want to get a rail up in the family bathroom and there's a few other little jobs I can get on with.

COLLEEN:  I will take it down and put it where you suggested, and see what I think of it. 

Well... Stew got home safely from Auckland.  And he likes the Giraffe painting right where it is, so there it stays!

He's now gone out with Brylee to 'Career Evening' at the college.  

Once they get home we will have dinner, I've got beef brisket slabs baking in the oven...  with spare rib marinade.  OMGosh, it smells delicious.

Time to wind down for a quiet evening in.


  1. U sound so happy Chris xx

  2. Nice, I wish I had some time at home to do a few things. I still get it done, but always a's true what you say about spending LOL one of my biggest fears.

  3. Great sayings on the placemats-they are perfect on your wall. My sentiments (or excuse) are the same re my stash. What fabric shop did you visit? The house is looking great.

    1. Donna's in Frankton. She has mostly brights and pretties. I love her fabrics.

    2. I wondered if that was where you went. Nice shop.

  4. I can visualize the professionals being envious of you. You should open your own craft shop, you'll be gaziollionaire in a week!

  5. Tea trolley loos better where it is an the tv corner is looking uncluttered now

  6. I love what you've done with the place. Can I make one suggestion? Just a little one. The Giraffe painting in the kitchen? If you move it to under the air conditioning unit, above your little table, in the centre of that space, it will show it off better and make the space more symmetrical. But hey, it's just an idea :) Love your house!!!

  7. The painting above your bed isn't level, tut tut tut

    1. Its already been fixed. Bring yr level.... JUST IN CASE IT MOVES AGAIN ... 😋

  8. Anonymous4:28 PM


    Everything is looking great, I love your blue glass above the cupboards...



  9. I love that you have such a big long bench without a sink or a stove in the middle of it. What a luxury!

    1. It was the first thing I fell in love with in our new home! It is an amazing bench.

  10. Your house looks so lovely Chris. I wish you lived closer - I'd let you loose with "titivating" our house - you are so good at it!

    1. LOL... I've had plenty of practise at it.

  11. Just lovely everything has a place and a place for everything I just love the colours and just think all your things no hired or staged things and soon your seaside themed things will be up too? I think I asked this before but WHERE did the Spa pool end up?

    1. We left it in Auckland! When we put up the Archgola, we kind of fenced it in! There was no way of getting it out, and we didn't mind leaving it there.

  12. Where is the room with the brown cloth furniture in relationship to the one with leather furniture? Do you have two living rooms with tv's and all that? THat would be kind of handy.


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