Tuesday, July 05, 2016


At Weight Watchers last night the topic was FUN AND GAMES.

Like... we have to make our weight loss journey FUN, and for the life of me I couldn't get that concept!

HOW IS BEING ON A DIET for basically the rest of your life supposed to be bloody FUN???

OK... let's not say DIET.

Let's say 'Lifestyle change', and make it sound anything but a bloody diet.  Pfffft.

The only fun I have when being on a diet is actually going to the meeting, and having a laugh with the other ladies there.  That's FUN.

So... my result for the past week's efforts?

I lost 1.5kgs this week.  Not bad considering all the shit we had over the weekend!
I keep thinking, if I really TRIED, man I'd get a good result!

AND now, let's move on from that topic.

I have NO plans for today!  Seriously, I will probably wander around the house doing odd jobs, move a few things, hang a few things, get some washing done... you know... all the usual stuff.

I will take a photo of the subtle changes I made yesterday by moving things a bit.

Catch ya later...


11.15 am:  And I've just finished vacuming the entire house and generally tidying up.
Next on the list is to unpack THE LAST box, which has been sitting in the hallway for 3 weeks.  I think it's stuff out of my wardrobe.

 ABOVE:  I thought I would have to sell the big marble top unit, but no!  It fits there perfectly!

ABOVE:  I've put the little tea wagon in the family room, but I think it looks a bit cluttered there now, so I may have to move it again.
Not sure where though.  

Now I better get onto that last box! 

*** If someone asks a question on my blog, and it's about YOU, or something you make, like Bex's Mermaid Tails, you have my permission to answer in the comments section.  As Bex did yesterday.
If someone asks ME a question, it is up to ME to answer it.  OK? ***

4.40 pm:  After I had all the housework done, I decided to pop down to the local Bunnings/Briscoes to find a laundry trolley.  The big handtruck isn't really practical... except for the groceries!

Neither of the local shops had any laundry trolleys, so I went into Hamilton and got one there.

As I was there, I decided to get some fabric to make another Dresden Plate Quilt for my bed, only in a pretty peppermint colour.

ABOVE:  I can't wait to get started on it.

Now... I'm going to teach Brylee how to cook Rice Risotto.  She loves it now, after refusing to eat it for YEARS!  

*** You know what that means! 

Finally, all is quiet.  Kids are in bed.  Dogs are fed. I've hung a few more things on walls, moved a painting a few inches down and over... just fluffing around now!
It's been a lovely day.  I feel I accomplished quite a bit.  Small, subtle adjustments, but I'm happy.


  1. A loss is a loss ... well done! Have a great day Chris ☺

  2. Awesome result!!! Having a laugh with the other WW ladies is the best bit of the meetings so relish that bit :-)

  3. Hi Chris. I guess we wouldn't have to plan to lose weight if it was Fun!!!!

    Most of us are genetically disposed to weight gain on today's modern lifestyle.... that is unless we are health fanatics or gym bunnies. I guess that's why after a time we give up on the Look and focus on health. We don't eat so healthy here as when we were in our own home. The main goal is to be happy in whatever you chose to do. Eat delicious and hunt out healthy and Easy recipes. That makes it simpler to stick with. I guess we need to understand our Why before we make any changes. Glad you have fun at WW I hated the group thing. Best wishes for this week.

    Your home looks great and I can't believe how quickly you settled in *smiles* Blessings

  4. I think that's why our "lifestyle" works for Stu and me... we made it fun! Instead of thinking that we were on a diet forever we just made it our life and never gave up the things that made it enjoyable. We worked out a plan that suited us - if we only ate what we "should" we'd be pretty miserable and not be able to stick with it. Five years on... still eating the same way and we've still kept (most) of our weight off. As MargieAnne said there comes a point where health is more important than look - I'm certainly at that point. Great losses you've having though - keep it up and remember why you are doing this :)

  5. I have a question if you don't mind. What are the white squares on the walls next to the beds in the master and guest room?

  6. I can answer questions on my blog thanks Kelly. Panel heaters bjn.

    1. Thanks. I looked them up online. I may order one for my corner bedroom that is always colder than the rest of the house.

  7. changing eating habits is hard, that's for sure. I got drastic this year, Chris. I had bypass surgery in May. I started my pre-surgery diet on 30th April, and I've lost 21kg as at this morning. But, as with anything, there are drawbacks. Plus, now I've found my daughter might be gluten intolerant. This has only been an issue the last 12 months or so but seems to be getting worse. We haven't done the proper dietary tests yet but we're beginning to modify her diet. So, planning planning planning! Healthy meals. And boy it's hard! So the only thing I can say is plan ahead, shop healthy and don't even buy the bad stuff. BUT, on weekend, treat yourself. Go for coffee and cake. Or ice-cream. But only on weekends. If you deny yourself, you'll fall off the wagon big time! And give yourself plenty of time. 3kg a month. And one other thing someone once pointed out - all the bad food is beige. if you were to load up plates of the junk food, it's all beige. So introduce lots of colour (and no, I don't mean red jelly! Haha!). Well, okay, red diet jelly! Good luck, kiddo. It's not easy. I've done the hard yards all my life, just like you. And only you can do it! <3 <3

  8. Weight loss is hard, I have regained almost all of the 10-15 kgs I lost over the last 4 years. Can the tea trolley go in front of the lounge window next to where it was or wouldn't that work?

    1. I am trying my HARDEST not to clutter spaces up! I learnt a valuable lesson while trying to sell our Auckland house. I have too much shit, and I clutter every room up! So... I did find a place for it... in the family room by the dining table. I will take a photo tomorrow. I am so thankful I did not regain all my lost weight with interest! I gained a HUGE amount, but not all of it. And I can lose it again... *smiles*

    2. Great that you found somewhere to put the trolley Chris, its a lovely piece.

  9. Anonymous4:03 PM

    1.5kg is a great result! Don't poo-poo it at all!

    House looking super lovely.


  10. Well done on the weight loss!
    Chris, the second pic, I see a computer desk on wheels thingie-I love it!! Do you know where I'd be able to find one? What's it's technical name?
    Thanks ☺

    1. I got it from a Disability Resource Shop! It's technically a bed table... but I use it for my laptop obviously.

    2. Oh thanks Chris! Now I have a place to start!

  11. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Great weight loss, the house is starting to look lovely again colours and vibrant so you. Love the new colours for the quilt. Its me Blondie

  12. All the new curtains are lovely, really looking great. So good you're back to weight watchers.


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