Saturday, July 02, 2016


Well... today we are going into Hamilton to look at carpet again.

I ordered the carpet rug last Monday, and found out last night via email, that the carpet I had chosen is no longer available.

So... back to square one on that. Fancy taking FIVE days to find out they couldn't supply it!

While there we will go out to Wairere Nursery to get a plant for our big square terracotta pot too.

Once we are home again, it will be outside to do some gardening, as it's finally NOT RAINING!

Stew can get the lawns cut, and we will pot some plants. I want to have a really good look around the property.

Since we moved in there hasn't really been much time to have a thorough look around at what's in the gardens.

There's two (or three?) raised garden beds with some veges in them. I have no idea what they are!

And there's one corner that has nothing in it. The previous owners had a pile of railway sleepers stored there. I might put some fruit trees there.

So... that's the plan for today.

What are you getting up to today? I hope you have fun. I'm going to. *smiles*


3.31 pm: Looks like the lawns won't get mown this weekend!

We went into Hamilton for carpet samples, and it became a bit of a shopping expedition.

 ABOVE: First good frost we have seen since moving here.
More to come of course, and FOG.  Ikky fog.

 ABOVE:  The girls don't think much of the colder mornings!  Coco sure looks comfy under my duvet.

 ABOVE:  Shopping.  We got curtains for the lounge, a door bell so we can hear if anyone's at the front door while we are down the other end of the house, and I got some short, slip on outdoor/gardening shoes.  They are like gumboots, but shorter.

ABOVE: Some of the carpet samples.  I'm leaning towards the one in the middle, or MAYBE the one on the right?

Stew is outside right now potting plants into pots.  We got a nice sized buxus for our big terracotta pot.  I'll show you later, once Stew's potted it.  We also got 3 native grasses/flaxes for the garden.  It's a start on how we want the gardens to be.

We walked on those three carpet samples in our socks, and the one that felt the softest was the one on the right.  The one in the middle would have been my pick, until I stood on it.  It's thin and feels hard underfoot.  So it will probably end up being the one on the right.
It't not as light coloured as it appears in the photo, it's more a fawn, speckled colour.

 ABOVE:  The lovely cone shaped buxus in our big pot.  It looks great there.

 ABOVE: We have broccoli growing in one garden bed...

 ABOVE:  No idea what's growing here! Could be leeks, or onions? And some silverbeet... which Stew loathes!  But you can 'hide' it in a meatloaf and he can't tell.   hee hee.

 ABOVE:  This one is under the family room and Kitchen. It has had strawberries growing in it, plus a few other things.  

ABOVE:  See?  Strawberries.  When do they normally grow, cos I'm sure it isn't in the middle of winter!

And that's all for today!  We are now going to eat dinner and settle down in front of a telly ... Coronation Street is on so I'm happy.


  1. Looking at your trolley picture if you put cans heravy stuff in bottom AND used that tall white basket to the left of picture as well on top you could do it all in one hit maybe? lol Have fun pottering me league at Reporoa then to the Woolshed Tavern good ole farming community watering hole!

  2. There's nothing I love more than getting out and working in the yard in nice weather. Best therapy there is.

  3. Have fun getting ya nails dirty... lol...

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM


    We are off to vote here in Australia we are also going out to buy some pots they are round and look really rustic so we will have a group of three with ferns in them for the outside courtyard. I will be vacuuming and mopping the house we have all floorboards and the house is quite big..we have an old cat nearly 17 with white fur and silver tips, so lots of nice cat hair around ! although it is hard to see on the floor...then to pick up my mother from her nursing home she is nearly 94 for a drive and afternoon tea...and maybe a bubbly tonight after all that!


  5. I like the carpet sample in the middle ;-) adds a nice contrast

  6. I like the middle one, it is a nice contract & will keep looking cleaner for longer.

  7. Anonymous5:24 PM


    I like the lightest one...


  8. I like the middle one... nice contrast

  9. I like the middle one. The lighter one will make the carpet look dirty. I love your gum boot shoes. I'm so glad you've found a lovely house that suits you.

  10. Anonymous7:34 PM

    It always gives me a surprise when you writr Hamilton as that's where we live on the other side of the world in Scotland. I like your choice of carpet and underfoot comfort is paramount in bare feet. We have those clog-small wellies for our carava-I am wearing them as I type as it's wet, windy and hailstones predicted today in St Annes!!

  11. It could be spinach and not silver beet in they garden bed. At least spinach is nicer than silver beet. Comfort is important when choosing carpet so the popular choice will lose out. I'm putting the binding on a quilt, that means another quilt finished

  12. hey Chris, belated congrats on the new house and the big move. It looks fantastic! And yes, strawberries are in season during winter. They have higher vitamin C than oranges.... Mother Nature is clever!! xxxx

  13. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Garlic? maybe spring onions looks like parsley and thyme in the other garden and lemongrass maybe? Does the carpet need replacing or a jolly good clean? my friends had their lighter coloured carpet DYED darker it was and still is FAB..... ITS me Blondie

    1. We are getting a large carpet RUG made to stop wear and tear on the carpet. There is an area that will get track marks soon if we don't cover it.

  14. O man , I Love your raised beds! The pups are so sweet.

  15. Eat that broccoli! It looks ready now. It's kind of cool to inherit a mystery garden.


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