Saturday, July 09, 2016


Lacy proved she has her uses yesterday.

 ABOVE:  She fixed a sticky drawer... 

ABOVE:  And she hung the new blind in the kitchen.
I'm wrapt with the blind.  No more sun blinding me while I'm in the kitchen.

Stew and Griffin put the new rug down last night while Brylee and I were at the Doctors.

I haven't had a chance to take a photo yet.

Same with the tie backs.  They will get put on the walls sometime today.

Stew is going down to Bunnings this morning to get some timber and posts so the guys can build the dog fence.  We don't know if the attic ladder will be there today or not. 
Knowing our luck, it will be NOT.

So... that's our plans for today.  

I might get some of the new plants into the gardens too.


So. Stew goes down to Bunnings and meets up with the lady responsible for ordering the attic ladder.

Yesterday she told Stew they might be able to get it couriered to their branch today or Monday.
So Stew asked her if it was in today?  She said "Oh NO, we never get deliveries on a weekend!"

Stew was like ... WTF?  
"Yesterday you said it might be in today!"

I'm so glad he got dicked around just like I did!
Now he sees what I had to deal with.

If Bunnings in Hamilton wasn't quite so far away as opposed to the local one, I doubt we would ever give them our business ever again.

Steve and Bex are due here this afternoon.  Looks like it will only be the dog fence getting done this weekend.  Bugger.
I might have to enlist them to put the plants in the garden.

 ABOVE:  The tie backs are done.  I put them up fairly high so little people wouldn't hang off them or ding their heads on them.

 ABOVE:  They are pretty much the same colour as the lounge suite, so match nicely.

ABOVE:  The rug is down, it's almost the same colour as the existing carpet.  It feels lovely and soft underfoot.

It's going to be an outside day today, the sun is shining so best to make the most of it. 

Well... we did make the most of it... and most of us worked in the garden this afternoon... except Steve and Stew, who concreted in the fence posts.
Tomorrow they will make the fence.  


  1. It was great that Lacy was able to help you tick off a few more tasks on your "To Do" list. The mat looks great too. As for Bunnings, I would almost be tempted to contact their head office to let them know of the incompetence there - may be time they put some staff training into place on customer service, as it seems obvious that they don't know what that is.

  2. Well you sure are ticking off those jobs to be done fast, and for sure STEVE could have picked up the attic ladder what a pain I would have driven to anywhere and told them sorry WE HAVE ONE! I am still up at Samuel flat I have bleach wiped all their window sills entrance way and toilet walls today (mould) and broken the back of the cleaning.... made spag bol for dinner and we having a movie night.......... (net flix) heading home tomorrow might be down your way around lunchtime me and shani.

  3. Your new home is looking just lovely Chris.


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