Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Back to the hair decision.

I think I have FOUR options.

1.  Go with The Sample Room, and pay $275. (and presume they will do a fantastic job)

2.  Drive back to Manukau, and pay $140.

3. Do more ringing around, and try to find a cheaper salon.  Trusting that cheaper does not mean I will get a bad colour and cut?

3.  Talk to a long time, but haven't seen in years, friend who does hairdressing from her home in Hamilton, and get her to do my hair.

1 and 2 are both fairly sound options, number 3 is dragging it out some more.... and number 4... well what if she does a shit job and I end up pissing her off by never getting her to do the job again?

What a drama over my stupid hair! But I really want to get it sorted soon, and stick with whatever option I go for.  I hate mucking around.

Stew's sister, Khady, is due to leave this morning, she's off up to Auckland to spend a week with a friend.
Shame the weather is going to be atrocious this week, she won't get many walks on the beach with her dog Max.

As for the kids and me... we have NO plans today.  And I don't have any 'jobs' to do either.
I can't believe almost all the jobs are done!
I will be looking for things to do soon.
Actually, I might just do some sewing today... now there's an idea.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Here's Stew trying out the bed settee, with a new foam topper pad.  Steve and Bex said the mattress that came with the suite was utter shit, so hopefully when they come this weekend, they will find the bed much more comfortable.
They choose to sleep in the lounge so they have more room for the cot Archer sleeps in, and Dante can be with them too.

The spare bedroom is quite small with the queen size bed in it.  It's just fine for the likes of Lacy and Keera, but not a couple and a toddler in a cot.

Oh talking of Lacy, she's coming back this weekend to spend a couple of days with Keera here.

So, we will have a full house this weekend.  FUN.


11.24 am:  I decided to go down town and visit a couple more hair salons, and get more quotes.

The first one ...

 ABOVE:  If you thought yesterday's quote of $275 was bad.... it isn't the worst!!!
Oh hell no way am I paying that sort of price!

So, on to the next salon...

ABOVE:  Totally acceptable!  She agreed to lower the hair CUT price, as I only ever get a light trim.  No styling.  $170 all up if I get a trim too... otherwise just $150.  SCORE!

I was tickled pink with that quote, so made an appointment for next week... the soonest I can get in.

Better cancel the other appointment now.

After the salon hunt, I went to the local New World supermarket to get some lunch stuff (ham, lettuce, bread and so on). 
There is a LOTTO counter as you enter the shop, and as I had a couple of old lotto tickets, I decided to get them checked out.


ABOVE:  I won $668 !!!

I'm pretty sure I squealed!  Then I text everyone to share my happy win.  

I am having a bloody AWESOME day!

4.56 pm:  after lunch I had a nana nap.  I was feeling a bit tired ... no reason even!

So now it's almost time to think about dinner... but nah.  It's takeaway night I think.
Brylee has a friend coming over for a sleep over tonight.  Hope that goes well.

Thank goodness we have a spare bedroom!

I've been thinking of what to do with my winnings.
And have decided to do NOTHING with it.  It can go towards a very special event that is going to be happening in the next few months.
BUT. IT'S. A. SECRET. RIGHT. NOW... don't ya just hate that?  

I know.  But you don't.  hee hee.  Shit I'm awful.  But nice too... *smiles*

10.40 pm:  Time to wind down for the evening.  It's been such a lovely day.  I've got the hair sorted and money in the bank for a special something.  Yaaa.


  1. Get more quotes. Walk in, see the place. I had a quick look online and that place you are booked into is top of the range for sure! Surely it won't take long to ring around and then go and have a chat to a few that interest you?

  2. Check to see if there is a Cambridge Community page, join that and ask the other members for recommendations.

  3. I live in Australia so I have no idea of the distance you would have to travel to see your old hairdresser but I would happily drive an hour or 2 to see my hairdresser especially to save that sort of money. Then again, I do have nightmares about what I would do if my hairdresser ever retires! My hair is my "thing" and you sound the same.

  4. Better the devil you know....go back too auckland you know them they do a good job .

  5. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Hi try to find a hairdresser where you live you probably don't want to drive to Auckland all the time ? also you were not always happy with their service ?

    Cheers Peta

  6. Yay awesome day - AND lotto can pay for your hair :-)

  7. OMG well done.. so ya hairs sorted.. and paied for by LOTTO....

  8. Wooooo hoooo what an awesome win! Bonus!!! xxx

  9. Awesome news re hair and lotto!!!!!

  10. Yay! Haircut money!! Great job!!

  11. Wow Lucky you. Hair money and maybe a new blouse?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Win/win... great day all around. Now the special event?? Mmmmm... I've got a thought but will wait until you let us know :)

  14. What a winning day. You go girl. I can imagine a bit of screaming at New World!! Nice that Brylee has made friends quickly.

  15. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Lacy STILL not living with Keera? Seriously?So that makes 3 kids she's bailed on.Awesome. Not.Seek help deadbeat mother Lacy.

    1. Oi cunt, fuck off. It's not your place to judge my sister, yes she had made mistakes but seeing as how you don't know shit about anything else how about you take your stupid fucking opinion else where. It's pricks like you that think you can judge someone when you only know a fraction of the facts that really piss me off, if you ain't family then you don't know shit. Get lost and fuck off if that's how you wanna be, we don't have time for losers like you.

    2. Words will never express how we feel about ANON comments like that. I think Steve did quiet well though. ONYA son, standing up for your sister, even though we acknowledge she has made some pretty big mistakes in her life, we don't appreciate strangers attacking her on this blog. So, remember what ya grandparents used to say... "If you have nothing nice to say, say NOTHING". Oh and YES...FUCK OFF.

    3. Nobody's business as to why Lacy isn't with her daughter. Its a family matter and anon you need to mind your own BS. Her family is supporting her in away none of us understand as we are bystanders looking in.

    4. What Steve said you gutless arse!!

  16. Can I guess what you'll put it towards? A holiday or weekend away for you and the man!

    1. Nope. Something for someone else... family FIRST. It's how we roll.

    2. LOL it's OK to roll with something for yourself occasionally!

  17. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Oh well done on the winning a birthday Stew or Brylee.? OR any other of your family ha there that covers them all lol. Gee that's a decent size bed on that couch I must say, and well the hair debate gee a range of price differences trial and error I say because yes you could continue to drive to AKLD but oh the traffic the time and then the $ for petrol on top and what if you got caught up I a traffic jam whilst there yeah nah stick closer to home! Its me Blondie.

  18. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I can't believe people can be so rude!!!! Anon you spiteful nasty person. You're a good person Steve sticking up for your sister. Family is everything!!! Congrats on the $$$$, maybe a wedding ��

  19. You go Steve! I can't believe how spiteful and nasty people are sometimes and hide behind
    anon. Grow some you coward and put a name to your comments.
    Every family has a story ...I wouldn't know where to start with mine. We all do the best we can and love them all. God I'm angry ...I'm going to have to have another glass of NZ Sav Blanc... The drink of choice for me. AND I'm more than happy to put MY name to this

  20. The sofa bed topper looks perfect. I wish we had something like that years ago when we had a sofa bed. After so many complaints, we did away with the sofa bed altogether.
    Great score on the salon AND Lotto!!! Your day for sure! Hope you love it and have found a new place.

  21. Congrats on the winnings. Sounds like you are almost settled in. Finally time to just relax and enjoy the everyday routine of normal life.

  22. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Bex and steve are getting married

  23. Oh wow, judgmental much anon. None of us know all that is behind Keera staying with her aunt. And, we don't need to. We DO know that she is loved by a large extended family, and that she is well cared for. End of. Well done Steve, great to see you jumping in there.

    Mary in Tassie

  24. I'm new here and don't understand a lot of this but do see the nasty comments. Are these Trumps children? (okay an American referance - I hate the man)
    Don't pay any mind to bullies. They are horrible human beings.


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