Monday, July 25, 2016


This weekend all the last 'jobs' were done!  I think there are just 'normal' jobs for us to do from now on. 
It has taken 6 weeks, but it's ALL DONE.

 ABOVE:  The new attic ladder.  We have put up in the attic all the stuff from the hallways, and there is plenty of room for more up there, if we ever need it.

 ABOVE:  Archer checking out the dog door into the garage.  He didn't try to crawl through though.

ABOVE:  Steve making the last things.  Two gates for the house.  One for the lounge entrance...

ABOVE:  The gate into the lounge.  Now the dogs can't get in there and run across the top of the couch all the time.  The other gate is down the hallway, to stop dogs and small kids from getting into the bedrooms.
Tallulah can't eat my rug now either.  Bloody awesome.

 ABOVE:  The boys in my trolley.  Dante loved it, Archer wasn't too sure when it started moving.

 ABOVE:  Archer wanted it on...

ABOVE: So Bex put it on him.  He looked... adorable.

Now for today.

The kids are back at school... freakin' yaaaa!
I have to pick Brylee up at 11 am and take her to see the Orthopeadic Surgeon in Hamilton, so he can assess her shoulder.

She will probably need some physiotherapy... and hopefully nothing else.

While we are in Hamilton, I will take the time to get her some more girly items of clothes... she's a growing girl after all.  

So, that's today sorted. 


Drs appointment went well. No further treatment needed.

Now at shop watching Brylee try on bras. Fun fun fun.

Just got a phone call from a freight I sit here.... our Hobbit House is being delivered. 


Murphy's Law...

ABOVE:  The Hobbit House, in three boxes... dropped right in front of the garage.  So I can't get me car in.
I could have tried to move them... but nah... they are a bit heavy.

I had a nana nap when I got home from Hamilton.  I was feeling dreadful.
Upset stomach.  No idea why.

Many, many visits to the bathroom.  Ikkkk.  Not the best when you are out and about shopping.

But, I am feeling quite a bit better now, thank goodness.  

No Weight Watcher's tonight.  I am just not up for it.
I still have to get dinner sorted for us... and do something with the washing I washed this morning.

Most of it is going in the drier I'm afraid.  Ain't we expecting more rain?

A funny sorta day... feel like I got nothing done.  But then again, girly time with our Brylee was nice.  


  1. Oh I wish I had a handy man on speed dial. Everything looks so awsome and only 6 weeks to get all settled WOW

  2. Yeah for finished jobs!

  3. Can't wait to see the hobbit play house all set up.

  4. Sorry to hear you've had an upset stomach. I hope you're feeling much better as the evening progresses. I can't wait to see how to fit out the Hobbit Playhouse :)


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