Thursday, July 14, 2016


Thanks to Stew's perseverance in assembling it, I now have one of these:

ABOVE:  A garden trolley.  I'm going to be using it for many things...

ABOVE:  But probably not as a dog carrier.  They were not that thrilled to be in it.  *smiles*

I'm going to use it to get the washing baskets out to the line, getting the groceries from the car to the kitchen, moving pots/plants etc in the garden, my 'wheel barrow'... and whatever else I can find to use it for!

Of course I love it... I love dinky thingee's with wheels.  Just ask Stew!  

Of course, just because I now have it to take the washing out to the line... it's pissing down with rain!
So I can't use it today.

I might actually get to the LAST area in the house that I've not tackled yet.
The computer corner in my bedroom.  The PC doesn't even work right now as I need to get a 'range booster' thing to help it connect to the internet.

But I can at least tidy up the mess that it is right now.  

Right, I'm off to do some housework first... oh Yaaaa.


11.56 am:  And for once I actually followed through and got the computer area tidied up.
I also sorted out some linen, fussed around in the garage, and almost hung the washing outside as it was looking as if the rain had buggered off.

WRONG!  Today we have gorgeous sunshine one minute, then the next ... torrential rain!
I've put the washing in the drier.  Good decision I think.

And now... LUNCH TIME.

7.04 pm:  Well it's been a very quiet afternoon.  Totally boring really!  I did nothing.  I kinda just sat and relaxed.
And I'm going to do the same tonight.  


  1. Your grandchildren will love your new trolley

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Now you know you will need an inside one and an outside one because the outside one will get dirty wheels!!!! oh and I bet the kids will use it too. Its me Blondie

  3. Yes, I'm betting Archer will love it!

    1. Haha yes beckyAnne I bet griffins gona be stuck pulling them around lol. It's pretty cool tho.

  4. love love love the trolley!!!!

  5. I bet no one guessed a trolley

  6. Love the trolley, I think need one of these!!!


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