Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Today I'm going down to The Sample Room to book a hair consultation/appointment.

I know it's going to cost a lot more to get my hair done here, compared to Auckland!
It doesn't really make sense ... but I had struck a good deal with my 'regular' hair salon in Manukau.  We agreed a price, and they promised to not increase it unless it was justified.

So I've been going there for about 2 years, and the price never rose at all.

Now I've checked out local and Hamilton prices and they are almost $100 MORE than what I was paying in Auckland!

But I figure if I factor in the cost of petrol to get to and from Auckland, I might as well just get my hair done here.

I want to get my hair back to it's 'almost' natural state/colour.  I'm sick to death of re-growth.  I know I've said that before... but after the bad reaction to the 'block' colour I had last, I am over the struggle to buck nature.

At Weight Watcher's last night, we were told of a new 6 week challenge, to start next week.  I'm determined to reach the 'goal' of losing .500 grams a week for the full 6 weeks, if not more.
As an added incentive, the Leader said there would be some prizes at the end too.
Nothing like an incentive to do well.  

Right, that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


Well I don't know what happened to the frost we expected to wake up to! It's freezing, but no frost... and I'm back in bed keeping warm!

I'm trying a sachet Mocca... cos it's hot.

Tallulah has been sin binned... I've had to block her from the bedrooms. Last night I could hear a weird sound, so got up to find her eating one of our rugs again. I was bloody fit to kill. I put her back in the garage overnight. Sadly, that meant Coco had to be in the garage too. If she wasn't with Tallulah she would have scratched at the door all night. 

I really should get up....but it's so warm in bed!

MARLENE:  When I first went to Synergy in Manukau, I spoke to the Manager and we agreed that I would pay $140 all up for my colour (full head of foils and toner).  If I wanted a trim it would be another $25.  If I wanted it blow dried and 'styled' it would be another $45, all pre-arranged and agreed to.
All those prices were way less than the 'normal' price.

So, I used to get the colour done, and sometimes a light trim.  They would always part dry it for me.  Then I would go home and dry it myself.

So that's how my 'Auckland' salon was way cheaper than anywhere else.
Oh and if they buggered up the trim and took off too much, I told them I would not pay them! We had a great relationship!  *smiles*

You have to fight to get what you want, at the price you are happy with.  Somehow I think I might have scared them... can't think why!  lol

 ABOVE: This beautiful rug.... munted by Tallulah.  I'm so pissed off at her.  

ABOVE: Temporary blockade... Poor Coco, it's not her fault.  I will now have to re-think where they sleep... can't be in the bedrooms, can't be in the lounge or family room cos Tallulah is a shit... and it can't be in the garage cos it's too cold!  Hmmmmm.... doesn't leave many options.

SOLVED IT... should have thought of it sooner...

ABOVE: They can both sleep in the big crate at the end of Griffin's bed.  They will be warm, and inside... but Tallulah will be confined.  Excellent.

Stew's sister is due here tonight for an overnight visit.  She moved to Wanganui last year, so we haven't seen her in months and months.
Can't wait to show her our new home.  *smiles*

I have an appointment this afternoon at The Sample Room to discuss what I want done with me hair.  And hopefully, to discuss pricing.  Though I fully expect to pay the 'normal' price.

2.07 pm:  Well I just had my hair consultation at The Sample Room.  To get my hair cut and coloured will be:  $275.00!!!  

I've looked at other salons here in Cambridge and they all seem to be charging the same prices.  

So I bit the very hard bullet, and booked an appointment next week.  Shit it better be worth it!

I've asked that they start putting some darker coloured foils in, so the re-growth isn't so obvious.  So no more blonde/blonde, hard to keep looking good hair.

It's quite a cold day outside, so grateful this is such a warm house.  We have double glazing, it sure makes a difference.
Yes, I can get cold inside, but not cry-baby freezing.  

The neighbour's little dog has been barking and howling ALL BLOODY DAY.  It's really annoying.
Tallulah finds it annoying too...she can't bark back though, thanks to the bark collar.

Best invention ever those things. 

So, Stew's sister arrived about 3 hours ago... and we have been yakking ever since.  It's been awesome.  *smiles*

I had to lock our dogs in the garage, as Khady brought her poodle with her.  Tallulah met him thorough the fence... and tried to snap his nose off!

So best to keep them apart. 

Right now Khady had taken her boy (Max) for a little walk, and I've let our girls back inside.  Talk about sniff, sniff... where is he?

Now I better do something about dinner!  Totally forgot that I have to feed the family.

11.13 pm:  had a lovely evening catching up with Khady.  Juggling the dogs so they didn't meet up... cos Tallulah wanted to rip Max's nose off.
We managed it though.  
Time for bed.


  1. So nice you're liking your new home and neighbors. I'm surprised that salons there cost more than Auckland. Usually big city salons have big city prices.

  2. Quite a nice morning here and not too cold. Surprised that your visit to the salon will cost more than Auckland prices-wonder why.

    1. What a great arrangement. Hope the price quoted today won't be too much of a shock.

    2. IT WAS!!! But, reality bites.

    3. Think I'd be going back to Auckland-would be cheaper even with petrol, and you could visit the little ones (and the malls).

  3. Loving your new home and that you are feeling so settle. About bloody time!! I used to go to an expensive salon and found out my stylist lives near me so she now does my hair at her place for cash and a lot less. And maybe we have a wine or two as well!

    I have rejoined WW on line. Would love a meeting but they are scarce around here at times to suit me. Three days in and I'm really enjoying the new program. This time, eh Chris? We'll nail it.

    1. Lucky you re: personal hairdresser! I wouldn't mind that.
      Good luck with WW ... YES, we can do it Chick.

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Ask around at the sewing group and WW there may well be an at home hairdresser. My friend has just very recently gone all grey she has been blending her hair to grey for 2 years she now uses ORGANIC totally organic shampoo and conditioner $35 a bottle to redress years of colouring styling and straightening I must say her hair looks lovely is soft and a beautiful grey she is only 45.... has been grey for awhile though underneath etc.Its me Blondie.

  5. gee, that price sounds SO expensive. I have a colour every 6 weeks ( mainly to hide the greys that are starting to creep in) and pay $145 for my long hair, plus an extra $60 if I get a restyle as well (or $30 for a trim)

  6. I pay $155 every six to eight weeks... colour and cut (yep short hair costs way more!). That's way over $1,000 per year so I'm thinking of going back to dying it myself now that it's lighter but just love the coverage the salon gives. So freaking expensive though..

  7. maria5:55 PM

    I think i'd be going back to Auckland for my hair! You could work in a visit to Bex's and Steve at the same time.

  8. Penny7:12 PM

    I last got my hair cut about a year ago, for $35 at a training salon in Melbourne CBD. They did a great job, simple but effective. But then I have long hair and generally don't colour it. Plus right now it looks a bit long and scraggly! So I am not one to pay attention to :-)

    Love that you are finding social connections in Cambridge, hopefully you might find a lasting deep friendship or two!

    And yes, WW, you can do it! You too, Sparkling Merlot!

    Penny xo

  9. Wow, I get colour, foils, style cut and blow wave for $110 Au - and I thought that was expensive! Think I'd be going back to Auckland, at least you know what you're getting. I find going to a new hairdresser more stressful than going to the dentist!

  10. That price is pretty expensive. For next time maybe check out Te Awamutu or Hamilton. Having said that, it is not like you are high maintenance, you don't spend much on yourself so if they do a good job and make you feel good, I say go for it. If you are not happy then look for an alternative.

  11. Might be cheaper in the Bay.....and you could visit us at the same time. Win win.

  12. Have you ever just tried coloring it yourself with a box color? I can't imagine paying so much money to get my hair colored.

  13. Anonymous7:15 PM

    So glad you finally are giving up on the blonde,it's very white trash looking.

  14. I dont understand why people have to be soo rude.. its a hair colour/shade... seems like you not happy with your own hair colour so are jealous that my mother can change het hair colour as it suits her... DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY SHUT YA MOUTH... sorry mum couldn't keep it in..


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