Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It's the middle of the week... expecting shit weather today/tomorrow.
Damn, I wanted to do a heap of washing today... typical.

So, maybe I shall move some outside pots around instead.

I want to 'pretty' up the afternoon side of the house.  The morning side is all pretty now with the new succulent garden.  All the little cuttings I planted have come away amazingly fast.

It just makes the other side of the house look bare and uninteresting.  So I'm gunna take some pots and stuff from various other areas around the house and put them on the afternoon side of the house.

I will take some 'before' and after photos once I've done it.

Well... IF I can do it!  A couple of pots I want to move are fairly heavy!
I might need to go buy a hand truck.  I've been meaning to get one for ages.  Our last one died. Overuse I think!

ABOVE:  I'm thinking 'cat'.  Only, she ain't one.
Freakin' cute little bugger.

 ABOVE: She LOVES Dante's couch.  I may need to buy her one of her own soon.  Maybe for Christmas?

ABOVE:  A cute series of photos I got yesterday of Dante and Tallulah playing Hide & Seek!
It was adorable.  Notice Coco keeping a wary eye on them?  She's pretty much adopted Tallulah as her own baby I think.

TEDDY:  no news.  So all must be well with him at his new home?  I hope so.  I miss him.  I call the dogs, and keep saying 'Teddy, Coco, Tallulah!"  It's quite hard to drop the 'Teddy' bit.

Right, I better go and get the day started. There's quite a bit of housework to do too... *sigh*


ABOVE:  I got the biggest one.  Pity it's yellow.  But, it is doing the job.  I'm having to work between showers, but it's keeping me cool and giving me a chance to pace myself.


Back to it... I've got three loads of washing out... and I don't care that it's raining on/off.  I'm sick of having it in the laundry.

 ABOVE:  It sure doesn't look like I've done much, but it took me ages!
Just moving pots around.

ABOVE:  So much prettier here now.

ABOVE: lol... I really didn't do much in this area!  Moved the seat and the large pot to the corner.  Not sure if it's an improvement actually!

It's now 2pm and I'm having me lunch.

I got an idea in me head.  It's one that I've had for a while now.  So, I'm investigating the possibility of getting a conservatory.  To use as a dining room.

I had a man come and check out the area today, and another one is coming tomorrow.

It's sounding VERY expensive.  Way more than I thought it might be, like double what I thought.

Might not happen.  But, we will wait for firm quotes.

End of Day:  well the usual sort of evening ... dinner, TV, bit of knitting... bed.
Boring, sorry.  Very quiet out in blog world today!  
nite nite


  1. Happiness is coming into work the first day of the week, and hearing you say it's mid-week already!
    Great doggie photos!

  2. Tallulah and Dante so blimmin cute together. We have very changeable weather here and this a wee bit cold.

  3. Very busy day for you, but looks great Chris.

    Overcast here and cool...

  4. It looks nice! I think our hand truck died too. I think I actually used it more than Scott did to move stuff around lol.


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