Sunday, November 02, 2014


Here's hoping I'm still in bed.
Cos I got up early to feed the dogs yesterday, it's Stew's turn today.

Hence, this is a 'forward' post.

I don't think Stew got that vine planted yesterday, so he will have to do that today.

And I really want to get the freezer paper stitched so I can make a real start on my Mariner's Star.

It's quite exciting really, a bit of a challenge... a totally new technique.  And I'm excited to see how the colours are going to look together.

I'm thinking they will be quite bright and vibrant.

How about a 'FLASH BACK'?  I've not done one before, so here goes:

ABOVE:  Taken in our Palmerston North home, just after we got Teddy (2008).  Yes, that puppy is Teddy!  He's lost most of his colour, as you can see.  The kids were 6 and 7 years old!

So... that's all I have for now.  Bit boring really.


WOW.  I just emerged from my 'bedroom', after lying in bed watching TV and having Stew bring me down some morning tea!  It's ummm.... 11.17 am!  Hee hee.  That was one huge lie in I must say.

I've been dreaming up some massive moves around the house, bedroom wise.  I'm sure Stew is THIRLLED to bits to hear that.  Poor bugger, I'm constantly making him move the furniture around.  

Well, it's been a bit mad around here this afternoon.  We have moved three bedrooms and their contents, made piles of stuff to go into storage, donate to Hospice or put in the rubbish.

Brylee is a hoarder.
Griffin is a pig.

That is all there is to it!

Photos tomorrow.

For now, there's still heaps to sort through, tidy up and wash.

I have to wash all the linens off three beds, the continental quilts and various other things.  I doubt there will be any room left on the outside line once it's finished.
Fingers crossed it doesn't rain!  Knowing my luck, it will.

We were all so knackered after this afternoon's efforts, we got Pizzas for dinner.
Then just blobbed out for a while and watched the telly.
Started watching Happy Valley, a new mini series, it's shaping up to be very interesting.

I got 3 big linen washing loads done and hung out this evening too, with a 4th on right now.  
If I stay up for another hour I will get it out and get another load on, ready for hanging out first thing in the morning.

End of day:  after a really slow start, it turned into a good day.  I say good, but most in the house would  probably not agree with me!
nite nite


  1. What a great picture!!! They sure grow up quickly, don't they.

  2. Oh how satisfying it must be to organise and sort out so much. I always feel a slight sense of relief when I take a bunch of old clothes, toys and/or books to Vinnie's. It's good to have a purge and hopefully help someone else who might need the items more than us xxxxx

  3. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Yeay finaly all done time to relax :) bex

  4. We watched Happy Valley recently on Netflix - LOVED IT!!!! I can totally recommend it.

  5. Wow that's a big shift, around no wonder you were all tired. We have a tired whanau here not much sleeping.

  6. ahh the kids are so little!


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