Tuesday, November 25, 2014


My car got hurt yesterday on the way home from Hospice.
And for once, it wasn't my fault!

I got rear ended:

ABOVE:  it could have been worse!  The vehicle that hit me swerved to miss me, so only his front right side connected.  His car came out much worse than mine I must say.

Weird thing, both our vehicles are BLACK, yet the scrapes are white?

I love my car...  I hardly felt a thing when I got hit!  Just a small bump really.  Fantastic, solid vehicle.

So today I'm having a quiet morning, ringing the Insurance Company for a start.
Then after lunch I've got the Archgola company coming back as I want to make a couple of small changes to the side curtains.  Then we can order it... and hopefully have it installed sometime in the New Year.

ABOVE:  a cute little video of Tallulah chasing cars.... and getting in a little pickle.

Right... off to start the day, and hopefully I can get my car is sorted out quickly.


Well me day hasn't gone as I expected at all.
I ended up taking my car into Penrose so the insurance company could assess it and get it sent off for repair.  I was offered at FREE taxi trip home again from there, but instead I got them to taxi me to Sylvia Park, where I did some shopping.

I bought some summer clothes for me and some lightweight Pulp sandals too.

Then I caught the train to Manurewa, then a bus to the top of our street.  

So.  A good morning really.  Now I've had a very late lunch and am going to go and do some Christmas sewing, I need to send something off to me Mum soon!

I just got a call from the insurance company and my car should be ready by Thursday/Friday!  Talk about fast service.  Very impressed with AA Insurance I must say.

OMG... just HAVE to share this:


End of Day:  a quiet evening.  I MEANT to sew, but watched TV instead.  Tomorrow I shall have to devote to sewing, I need to get a few things made for Xmas!!!
nite nite


  1. When the other car scraped your car it took off the paint down to the primer.

  2. Oh how annoying for you! I hate having to put my car in to get fixed. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

  3. was the other driver insured? If so, they'll have to sort out getting it fixed, not your insurance company? Here, all you need is 3 quotes for repairs and their insurance company tells you where to take it.

  4. That was quick to get your car fixed. We hit a kangaroo about this time last year and had to wait about 3 weeks to get our car fixed. We just got it back it time for another unexpected trip back to were we did the first damage and did it all again ( although damage was minor second time round) .
    Your car is sold as a Kluger in Australia, boy are they roomy.

  5. Glad you weren't hurt in the bingle. WOW that is great service - yay for that !!!

  6. Gosh that is fast service great! Tallulah and that car track so funny. Glad your day went well.

  7. I know what you mean about watching telly instead of sewing. Especially when there's a deadline! Next year I WILL start sewing for Christmas in February!!

  8. Bugger about your car .... but glad to hear you weren't hurt. Pretty impressive that you will have your car back as new later in the week .... but where's the loan car? Lol.

    I love the apple peeling video clip - I wonder if you can do potatoes that way??

  9. Glad nobody got hurt and that your car damage isn't too bad.
    That's how to peel apples!

  10. The video with the pup is too cute lol


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