Friday, November 21, 2014


BUT... bugger.
I'm not going to Patchwork class as Brylee is staying home today.

Too bad that she wants to go to school DESPERATELY... but I'm pulling the HELL NO card.
She is staying home, that way she can't go and act all 'Drama Queen-ish' at school with her so called friends.

And this decision is backed by the school, so I'm not doing anything wrong by keeping her home.

Because of her provoking someone enough to be hit, that other person has been suspended from school for over a week, if not more.

I don't think that's all that fair, knowing that none of this would have happened if Brylee had just shut the hell up and walked away.

But that's not in her nature of course.  Miss Fat Mouth.

I'm NOT condoning anyone using violence against another person of course, but I can see both sides of the story here.  And let's not forget Brylee has used violence against other kids at school, not once, but 2-3 times that I know of.

So she's no innocent, poor little girl here.  Far from it.

So... no patchwork class.  Bummer.  I will just have to devote my morning to blog reading I think.

After I've caught up with my fav's, I shall continue sewing.
It's .... RELAXING.

And I need to chill out.  My hot flushes ramp up something rotten when I get all hot and bothered.  Not fun.

Right, I shall go and see Griffin off to school and set a few jobs for Miss Fat Mouth to do to occupy herself for the day.

I wonder if she will have a bruise today?  I hope not, that will just add to her drama... picture her in front of the mirror looking at it every 5 minutes!  


Ummm... still not got to blog reading!
I got sidetracked by my sewing... I wanted to find the perfect 'N' for my M/Compass.

What do you think:

ABOVE:  I love it!  It's got that 'wind swept' look to it I think.

NOW I can stop for a while, have some lunch and blog read in peace.

Soooo... I've worked through about half my blog list.  Feels nice to catch up.
Now I'm going to take a break and return to the sewing room.  I've thought of something to add to the Mariner's Compass...

Well... it's been a busy afternoon.  I haven't done any more work on the Mariner's Compass, I decided to make a couple of small mug rugs for gifts.
I will get back to the M/Compass sometime tomorrow I expect.

Stew brought dinner home tonight, cooked chooks and salads... very nice.
We all did our own thing this evening. I did some hand stitching and watched the TV.  
Steve and Griffin played on their X Box's and the others watched other TV's or whatever.  I dunno.
It was a nice evening.
nite nite


  1. So why can't you go to patchwork class and she read in the car? Oh well I guess your house will be super clean then, yes totally agree the person who lashes out only does so because of the other person baiting, imagine the other person parents being just as pissed off.

  2. If Brylee can stay home with you instead of going to school, then can I come stay with you instead of going to work?
    Jus teasing!

    So glad it's Friday there, I'm tyoing this from work on a Thursday afternoon.

  3. I'm not trying to be flippant but I wish someone would keep me at home sometimes !!!! It sucks when we have to discipline our children especially when we know that they know what they are doing is wrong. Hopefully she learns her lesson while she is at home.
    Have the best weekend !
    Me xox

  4. I love the "N" :-) Good decision keeping your girl home!

  5. Just had a catch up on your happenings, good for you re Brylee. Also I am so happy for you that Teddy has a lovely new home. The mariners star is looking fab x

  6. Sounds like the perfect evening after a somewhat stressful week. xxx


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