Thursday, November 20, 2014


Sorry!  I've got another progress photo of the Mariner's Compass for you.  I sewed for about 3 hours last night, and got this much done:

ABOVE:  So much still left to do though.  All those small triangles and dots... *sigh*.
But, it's looking neat!  Not perfect if ya look closely, but hey!  Nothing is perfect.  Not in my sewing room anyway.  *smiles*  AND OMG!  I just noticed I'm missing two yellow dots!  Now where did they go?  Hmmm.... better find them and put them back on!  And yep, a brown one too.  Grrrrrr.

I will, of course, be doing more today at some point.
After I read a few blogs I think.  It's time to catch up again.


Now, on a bright note... it's another day.  My back isn't killing me.  I have lettuce in the fridge (weak attempt at humour) and I'm off to start me day.


Sunshine today, yet I'm freezing!  Oh well... maybe it matches my mood.
I'm feeling really crabby this morning.
Got stuff on my mind that is making me extra crabby.

To THOSE who think I know nothing... guess again.

STUFF gets back to me.  But... I reckon you know that anyway.  Lie low ... cos I don't want to hear from you.  There is NO EXCUSE for your behavior.  NONE.

SO.  It's finally happened!  Something we have been waiting for all year.
BRYLEE got smacked in the face.
I do believe she NO DOUBT had it coming.
I'm off to pick her up from school early, so she can't 'Drama Queen' it all afternoon to her mates and on the way home.

Am I feeling sorry for my daughter?  NAH.

And I glad I didn't spend $7,500 on braces?  YEP.

so.... kid home for the rest of the week.  I refuse to send her back so she can go all Drama Queen about it some more.
Seems I'm not a nice mother, I blamed BRYLEE.
My reasoning?

You don't get smacked in the face UNLESS you provoked someone in the first place.
And we all know Brylee can provoke a lot of people.
Shit, she provokes most of us in this house on a daily basis.

The girl who smacked Brylee has been suspended for the next week at least.

Whoops, I forgot to do any blog reading today.  Kinda got side tracked.
Then I cooked dinner, ate dinner and sewed till 10 pm.

And now it's wind down time till bedtime.

End of Day: A different day than anticipated, but well... that's how it goes.
nite nite


  1. I would have never noticed the two missing dots. Have a good THURSDAY!!

  2. Your also missing a brown dot

  3. Ha I never noticed the yellow but pucked up on the brown, sun out here blowing a gale but fresh cold.

  4. We are sweltering over here - some cool weather would be so very welcome !!!
    Hope you feel better soon - take care xox

  5. Star looks amazing!!!! Good Luck with B. & the rest :-(

  6. Ok who upset u now. And oh no for u about B

  7. You know EVERYONE and their IP address. There is no pulling one over on you! I hope all is well with Teddy at least. Been thinking of him.

  8. The star looks nice!

    My son actually slapped someone earlier this year. I can't believe he didn't get suspended. This kid was totally being a little ass to him for quite awhile and I guess he had enough.


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