Sunday, November 09, 2014


I forgot to mention yesterday that I finally got the pattern stitched onto the freezer paper yesterday.
So now I can look at the 'how to' video on You Tube for the first step in doing my Mariner's Star!
Quite exciting, and hopefully I can do some later on today.

AFTER we get the groceries done.
Oh ya.

Kelly and Rena are still here, so might just spend some time with them today.

AND... AND... this morning we are taking Teddy out to meet a lady in Waiuku who is interested in adopting him.
I'm not committing to leaving him there yet, we will have to wait and see what we think of her and her other dogs, the situation and so on.
I hope she's lovely, she certainly sounds it over the phone.

Quite conflicted about Teddy, but I know he can't stay here.  I have been constantly worried about him biting Dante for a long time.

He's nipped him heaps of times, and each time I have said 'Oh, it's not that bad'.... but you have to draw the line somewhere eh?

We are not due out at her place till late morning, so plenty of time to get things sorted out here, and pack his things in case he stays there.  


Back home after a 3.5 hour expedition to Waiuku and beyond.

First and foremost.  Teddy.
We arrived at B's home and entered the house.  Teddy proceeded to piddle on EVERYTHING and in every corner!!!
OMG so embarassing.  B was very understanding thankfully.
I had fully expected Teddy to go apeshit at her dogs.  He didn't!

He seemed to ignore them, he was much more interested in investigating the house and yard.
The other dogs, well two of them, were perfectly friendly towards Teddy.

But MAX... he didn't like Teddy much at all, and kept barking at him.   

After having a good discussion, it was agreed we would leave Teddy there with B and her family of dogs and see how it goes.

IF Teddy settles in and Max accepts him, all should be good.  If not, we will take him back and find somewhere else for him.

ABOVE:  the view over the back fence at B's home.  Lovely!  There is a stream with eels in at the bottom of the gully.

 ABOVE: the backyard... a dog's wilderness to explore. 

 ABOVE:  Teddy exploring.  He was having the most excellent time!  I swear he had a big smile on his face the whole time!  

ABOVE:   Look how happy he looks with his new friend!  Oh I do hope it works out, he was so happy there.

After leaving B's home, we went and checked out Sandspit, a small 'beach' just outside of Waiuku, on the Waiuku River, which flows from the Manukau Harbour.
Then we went to Karioitahi Beach on the west coast, about 15 minutes up  the road from Waiuku.
THEN we checked out Glenbrook Steel Mill, and Glenbrook Beach too!

So, I took a few photos of those places, but will show them tomorrow so this post is NOT too photo heavy.

B is going to email me tonight to let me know how Teddy is doing.  Fingers crossed for good news.

 ABOVE: Having a quiet afternoon... hanging with Granddad/Dad on the couch.

 ABOVE:  quite some months ago I talked to Kelly about weight issues, and she has been working on herself.  What a result, she is looking, and I'm sure, feeling a million bucks!  Well done Kelly, I'm thrilled for you.

ABOVE:  and just cos I can, here's a photo taken seconds later, when Steve shot her with a Nerf Gun!  Got her on the nose I do believe.
We don't take ourselves too seriously here ... obviously.

I heard from B this evening, she rang me.  Teddy didn't want dinner, but she tried to feed him at around 6 pm, which is not when he's used to getting food.  So, we are not going to worry about that right now.  He is bound to be hungry by tomorrow morning!

B's cat 'Bruce' hissed and growled at Teddy, but Teddy just ignored him!  And Max, the other male dog has stopped barking at Teddy now, so that's a relief.

And when B sat on the couch with her dogs around her, Teddy wrapped himself around her neck and stayed there!  Seems he was perfectly happy up there!  B is amused.  So am I.  

I wonder who gets the prime spot on the bed tonight?  *smiles*

End of Day:  well I thought today would be tough, but it's been easier than I thought.  I have found Ted a new home, and can stop worrying about him biting Dante, or any other small child in my home.  As long as he remains happy at B's, I know I have done the right thing, no matter what anyone else thinks.  
nite nite


  1. Hope the meeting goes well in Waiuku.

  2. Christine11:48 AM

    I know it's hard to lose Teddy, but you know it's the right thing to do. There are simply kids around your house now and in the future. If Teddy has a problem with that he can go to a mellower house. Hopefully this person will be perfect so you know he has the best possible accommodations.

  3. Good luck with the meeting - tough but you are doing the right thing! Maybe you can visit him wherever he ends up (although that might make it harder rather than easier). Hope your day goes well, Penny xo

  4. Teddy looks really happy! Good outcome. :)

  5. Sounds promising for Teddy.

  6. What a beautiful garden and outlook does she adopt people? Like lol. Fingers and toes crossed for a happy outcome. Family gone and I have washed sheets towels duvets vaccumed mopped ironed dusted put everything back in place has taken all day. No rest for me today.

  7. Oh I hope Teddy settles happily, what an amazing garden for dogs to play in! Well done to your daughter, she looks fantastic! And has such beautiful blue eyes!!!

  8. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I think teddy. Will be just fine. It might take a while for the pack to adjust, but they will.. what an understanding dog mama and a beautiful yard.

  9. You are looking fantastic Kelly, well done.

  10. OMG those blue eyes that run in your family!!!.... incredible xxx

  11. Kelly is looking fantastic. Good work Kelly.

  12. A huge thanks to my mum for her talk many months ago about my weight problem. ...and yes as you can see im am working on it still have about 10kgs to go... when mum had the conve with me months ago I was 85kgs amd not happy with my partner and I are on a healthy eating buzz im now proud to say im now 72kgs and getting lighter by the week....and yes feeling a million dollars. ..all thanks to my beautiful mum and her pep talks......

  13. Kelly you are looking so good, well done to you ( and your mum for her pep talk)

  14. Kelly, you're looking great, well done.

    And Chris, hope Teddy continues to settle in and be happy. Difficult though it is to do, you have done the right thing.

  15. Christine4:31 AM

    Kelly looks great. Teddy sounds like he will fit in just fine at his new home. Not eating is not a big deal. The other critters will accept him within a few days if they haven't already.

  16. fingers crossed for Teddy. such a hard thing to do. Kelly looks fab!!!!

  17. Awww that's great that you found a nice home for Teddy! That yard looks like so much fun for him and he does look really happy with the other dogs. Sounds like you found a real animal lover to take him.

  18. Oh and WTG Kelly, you look great!


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