Monday, November 03, 2014


Yep, that sounds like a brilliant idea to me.
My car is loaded up with quite a lot of stuff for the Hospice Shop, and I plan on buying back NONE OF IT!

There is also a fair bit to go over to storage, but that can wait for another day.

First up for the day will be finishing all the washing, I've got about 2 loads of linen/quilts left to wash and hang out.
I also need to tidy up the linen cupboard so it will all fit in now!

That's about all I want to do before heading off to the Hospice Shop after lunch.

ABOVE: My big clean up and move around spurred Steve and Bex to do the same.  Which was good as soon Dante will be moving from their room into what used to be Brylee's room...

ABOVE:  this is going to be Dante's bedroom... AND also my 'dressing room', where all my clothes are kept.

ABOVE:  Brylee finally gets a bigger bed!  And a bigger room too.  I think she likes it!

Griffin is back in the bedroom he had originally, now I don't have to walk past his room every time I go to the bathroom or laundry!  He simply cannot keep his room tidy for longer than a day!
It's a boy thing I reckon.

Right, I shall get a move on, hang out the next load of washing and do the few jobs on me list before sitting down and doing NOTHING for a while.


So, at 6.30 am I decided it was about to rain on all my fresh washing, so I raced outside and hauled it all in... and now it's all rotating through the drier to air off.
Overnight it had blown a gale and most of me washing was 80% dry!  Cool.

Now I only have about 3 loads of linen and general washing to do, and that can all be put on racks under the 'morning patio' roof.  

We have a grown up dog who doesn't like 'going' outside when it's wet.  99% sure it's Teddy, just wish I could catch him in the act... cos I would rub his bloody nose in it!  Grrrr.

Miss Tallulah can't get outside through the dog door yet, so I have to forgive her when she has an accident. 

So much for a relaxing morning.  I spent a good deal of time cutting out wood panels to make door guards.

Wet dogs on beds is a no-no, and now they can't get in any bedroom at all.  And I can confine them to the laundry too, without having to close the door.

ABOVE: Gotta love me jigsaw!  Such a handy power tool.  

NOW I'm going to relax... maybe.

Of course I didn't relax!  I carried on fluffing around the house, doing odd jobs, tidying up, rotating linen through the dryer... then I went to Hospice.

We had a good afternoon too... and I scored some lovely things:

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist this Lemon Melamine tray!  I'ts now got lemons on it.

 ABOVE:  A huge pile of Knitting magazines, with some crochet patterns too.  I am going to enjoy looking through them for some things to knit!

ABOVE:  A funky fish to add to my fishy/nautical collection on the lounge wall.  

Bex has chicken and roast veges in the oven, my mouth is watering just smell it.
Stew bought home Shrimps too... cos I have a hankering for shrimps!  And I ain't even the pregnant one!
Poor Bex can't have any either.  Bummer... more for me!

End of Day:  well dinner was lovely, even better when ya don't have to cook it yourself.
A quiet evening was had by all, except we did let off a few fireworks... Dante thought that was pretty neat.
I needed a quiet evening I must say, it's been a busy few days.
Spring cleaning... almost over I hope.
nite nite


  1. Gee you made me tired just reading all your jobs, getting washing dry is so satisfying.

  2. I did NO washing over the weekend - I'm going to have to get to it every night this week otherwise we are going to be out of undies and the washing load for the weekend will be insurmountable !!!!
    Have the best day doing nothing now that the washing is just about all done !

  3. I just finished making lemon butter/curd in the microwave and sat down to lick the bowl. I dont have to share cos no one will be home until midnight.
    I actually did some quilting today, about time I got back to it instead of watching what you are doing.

  4. I love that tray. I am a sucker for anything with lemons.

  5. Such a busy day for you Chris! Gee all I did all day long was lay in bed! Oh then again I guess I have a bit of an excuse. Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. I like it that it is warming up there while it is cooling off here. And I like that you're a day ahead, that makes me look forward to tomorrow. And I like that you're always bring home tons of girly stuff. Your husband must love it and hate it at the same time!

  7. You guys always have rotating bedrooms!


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